What's Happening

We're doing all we can to take action and spread the word. Some of our efforts are playful, some are educational, and some are formal advocacy. No matter how we work to conserve, protect, and restore, we value your support and contribution.


Kootenai Environmental Alliance hosts a variety of annual events for educational and fundraising purposes. We aim to make environmental action accessible through as many avenues as possible. We enjoy providing opportunities to learn, act, enjoy and create, all with a focus on sustainability and advocacy. Please check out our diverse calendar of events and join us.


KEA provides programming for a spectrum of ages and interests. We work to meet our fellow community members at their level of understanding and investment. We aim to provide a diverse array of opportunities to engage with our local natural environment in constructive, informative, and inspiring ways. Please take the time to check out our programs and join us when and where you can.

Public Outreach

We are always interested in meeting new people. Our community is growing, and so is the need to protect, conserve, and restore our local environment. Many members of our community are unaware of the dedicated work involved in making this region a desirable place to live. KEA's public outreach efforts focus on getting in front of new faces, introducing our work, and recruiting new members. We can always use help spreading the word and reach of KEA, please consider helping.

Behind the Scenes

Kootenai Environmental Alliance regularly partners with other organizations and groups to empower advocacy in our region. Many of our accomplishments are successes of collaboration. We believe in the power of collective action and continually seek avenues of partnership that help to further shared goals for our local ecosystem. Please consider helping us to make environmentally advantageous connections

Opportunities to Get Involved

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