Ways to Join

Just like the diversity of an ecosystem, it takes many forms of contribution for effective outcomes.

Please consider joining KEA in the way(s) that suite your time and resources best. Thank You!


Membership is a true representation of the connected reality of environmental activism.

It takes the consistent contributions of many individuals to make a lasting impact.

Your membership can be for a single year, or you can sign up for a recurring annual membership.

Either way, your membership matters.

Business Membership

Business Membership helps weave a network of supportive momentum. When we use our work to benefit our community and environment, it elevates the impact we can make.

We consider our Business Members are our partners. We do all we can to promote your business as you support our efforts.


Money may not make the world go round, but it certainly helps to provide resources and opportunities. Your donations help us to cover the fundamentals of running a frugal grassroots organization.

Donations can be made one time or recurring. Both are immensely helpful as we expand our reach and efforts.


Many hands make light work, and there is much work to be done. KEA is an entirely volunteer board. The commitment of our time and efforts comes from the heart.

We are always happy and grateful for extra support. You can volunteer according to your skills, availability and interests. Please consider contributing to your vision of a healthy, sustainable future.

Event or Program Sponsorship

Our events and programming are how we expand our reach and service within our community. They're the "hands-on" operations.

Events and Programs build a foundation of education and awareness.

If any of our annual events or regular programming ignites your environmental spark, please consider sponsoring. We will be sure to spread the word about your support.

Opportunities to Get Involved

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