KEA's programming is where the action is. Our programs range from seasonal community building opportunities to year round advocacy. There's always a time and a way to take action for our local environment.


Kootenai Environmental Alliance is proud to be a local representative of the Waterkeeper Alliance.

The Waterkeeper Alliance is comprised of groups and organizations across the planet that are unified in the fight for clean, healthy and abundant water at the community and global level.

KEA is in the process of rebuilding our Lake CDA regional Waterkeeper program, and our immediate goals are:

  • Summer 2024: Water monitoring boat tours and public education about lake health.

  • Summer 2024: Reviving our Waterkeeper licensing.

  • Summer 2025: Hiring a designated Waterkeeper program staff member.

  • Summer 2025: Increase our Waterkeeper programming frequency and offerings.

Public Outreach

As our population grows, so does the need for environmental advocacy in our community and region.

We are blessed to have a steady, committed membership of longterm residents, but we still need to reach new and more people.

KEA is putting concerted effort into reaching new audiences by having a presence at variety of events throughout our community, including chamber breakfasts, non-profit fairs, and farmers markets.

We could use your support in the following ways:

  • Volunteer to represent KEA at a local out reach event.

  • Share information about local events where KEA can host a booth.

  • Tell your friends and family to join KEA.

Opportunities to Get Involved

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