The long-awaited Endangered Species Act decision on wolves from U.S. District Judge Molloy in Missoula was released yesterday. The reaction was immediate and occasionally over the top:

Wolves go back on the list. — Missoulan (Note: a copy of the actual opinion is linked from this article)

Idaho Fish and Game is “very disappointed.” — IDFG

Governor Otter is “thoroughly disappointed and frustrated “– via CDAPress

NRDC, one of the plaintiffs in the lawsuit to protect the wolves is “thrilled with today’s ruling, but now it’s really time to update the recovery standards and come up with a plan that ensures the recovery of wolves in the Northern Rockies over the long term.” — NRDC

No middle ground? And what about Wyoming? — Rocky Barker

Wyoming doesn’t care, and no settlement talks either. — Spokesman Review

UPDATE 8/7: Not-very-promising Wyoming perspectives. — Casper Star-Tribune