Hello everyone! 

Thank you to all who were able to join us Live last night. We hope you enjoyed the films! 

Also, HUGE thank you to all of you who donated to us via our website.  Every little bit helps us to keep conserving, protecting, and restoring! 

To be able to watch the films for a few days at your leisure please follow the directions below. There will be different directions for those that joined us last night and for anyone who wasn’t able to join us. 

Directions for Those That Joined Us Last Night: 

Click here and use the login you created last night:


Directions For Anyone Who Wasn’t Able to Join Us Last Night:

You need to go to this link and register (it is a new registration not the one you used for Eventbrite):

Once you register, you can then use this link to go back and view the films using the login you created at any time during the next few days. 


Enjoy the show! If you have any problems email me at jamie@kealliance.org