Dan Studer

Waterkeeper Warrior!

Dan has been with KEA for many years as a dedicated Coeur d’Alene Lake Waterkeeper Captain. He is dedicated and passionate about protecting the water quality of our lake and educating our community on environmentally friendly land use practices that will help to protect OUR GEM for generations to come.


KEA is extremely grateful and proud to have Dan as an ally on out team! We salute you Dan as an outstanding community member and KEA volunteer!



KEA Staff and Board of Directors

I can say I am very lucky to have had a long career working in the Idaho Panhandle forests. I worked in silviculture, to reforest and culture plantations for future generations. Today I support KEA because of their interest in educating youth. I love to see young, informed Idahoans enjoy our great outdoors, and appreciate it. I believe the future of Idaho will be much better because of the efforts we make today to educate our youth.