The Confluence Project is a year-long, place-based, hands-on water science education model implemented in North Idaho high schools. We provide watershed curriculum (aligned with both Next Generation Science Standards and Common Core State Standards), funding and logistics support for field experiences, and a coordinated research conference for all participating students.

Throughout the school year, TCP teachers introduce water resource issues in the classroom using lessons that align with both Next Generation Science Standards and Common Core State Standards and guide their students in a comprehensive research project. Through hands-on field experiences, students collect and analyze local water resource data on a water quality field trip to a local stream or lake and a snow science field trip to a local ski hill. By spring, the goal is for students to answer a driving question related to a real-world water resource issue and propose a relevant solution. TCP culminates in the annual Youth Water Summit in Coeur d’ Alene, where students present their research at a professional conference-style event to peers from other schools and watershed experts from the community.

Who is involved?

TCP is managed by a team of coordinators:

  • Jamie Lynn Morgan – Kootenai Environmental Alliance
  • Marie Schmidt- University of Idaho Coeur d’ Alene
  • Rebecca Stevens- Coeur d’ Alene Tribe Lake Management
  • Jamie Brunner- Idaho Department of Environmental Quality Lake Management
  • Jim Ekins- University of Idaho Extension

This year we have 11 high schools participating in The Confluence Project and the Youth Water Summit: Coeur d’ Alene High School, Lakeside High School, Lake City High School, Paradise Creek Regional High School, Post Falls High School, Timberlake High School, New Vision High School, Venture High School, Lakeland High School, Lake Pend Oreille High School and Wallace High School.

TCP Water Quality Data Entry

TCP Ground Water Data Entry

TCP Snow Science Data Entry

Thank you to our Sponsors that have made this project possible: