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Support the Unified Land Use Code

From the KEA Board of Directors: If you value the life you enjoy in the county, we urge you to support the adoption of the county’s Unified Land Use Code.  The code will implement the newly adopted comprehensive plan and replace current codes that are decades old. Right now the new code is being assaulted [...]

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Not All Republicans Agree with Central Committee Critics of ULUC

Although it seems to have fallen on deaf ears, here's a great letter from conservative east side Republican Chris Fillios to the Kootenai County Republican Central Committee regarding the Unified Land Use Code controversy. It's not just KEA with concerns about the "property rights" concerns: I understand tonight's Republican Central Committee meeting is for the [...]

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Junkyard’s Application to Bonner County PRC Withdrawn, Illegal End Run of Code Enforcement Avoided

We've been tracking the Bonner County Property Rights Council for some time. Lately, we were following the PRC application on behalf of Lawrence and Nels Heidekker, owners of a problematic junkyard near Priest River. The junkyard, currently subject to a code enforcement action by Bonner County, appeared to be attempting to avoid the enforcement action [...]

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County Land Use Codes To Be Subject of KEA Meeting

Kootenai County is still on schedule to replace its hopelessly out-dated land use codes by this time next year. Kendig Keast Collaborative, the consultant hired by the County to assemble the re-write, has been moving forward, on schedule, with preliminary issue papers and draft “modules” of code language. The issue papers and draft code already [...]

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My Private Property Rights. And Yours.

Idaho’s tradition of fierce protection of private property rights is well known and well established. The State of Idaho has legislated layers and layers of protection for the wide majority of Idahoans who particularly value the rights that accompany the ownership of land. However, as the Supreme Court has repeatedly upheld – property rights are [...]

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Kootenai County Codewriting Begins

With a whirlwind week of committee meetings, focus groups, and “Citizen Congress” town hall gatherings, Kootenai County is finally getting on with the business of re-writing its out-dated land use laws. The initial meetings this week will set the stage for an 18-month process in which the laws that govern everything development-related in the county [...]

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BREAKING NEWS: Hemlock Hills Subdivision Rejected by Kootenai County Commissioners

Faced with a subdivision proposal on a steep hillside above Hayden Lake, the Kootenai County Commissioners struggled today with the County’s subdivision ordinances and denied the request. The subdivision would have placed some 34 homes on steep slopes and erodible soils just above Hayden Lake – not far from where East Hayden Lake Road washed [...]

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