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War on Wolves Worsens

Idaho’s obsessive war on wolves got insanely more heated today as Idaho’s Senate Resources Committee approved a bill that would open up new methods to kill the legislatively de-listed endangered species. According to Spokesman reporter Besty Russell, “The bill would let livestock owners whose animals are molested by wolves shoot the wolves from motorized vehicles, [...]

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Idaho Fish and Game Proposes Unsupportable Hunting and Trapping Seasons for Wolves

Often, our job seems like an exercise in futility. Today, KEA sent yet another set of comments regarding wolf management to Idaho’s Department of Fish and Game.  Shielded from lawsuits (maybe), the Department is free to push the state’s wolf management balance back toward extinction. On the table at the quarterly meeting of the Fish [...]

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Again with the Wolves in Idaho

Idaho"s Department of Fish and Game has proposed an aggressive wolf hunting season to start August 30 and run through March of next year.  In addition, the agency is also proposing a trapping season (to allow both snare and foothold traps) from December 1 through February 15 through much of North Idaho.  The agency is [...]

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What We’re Reading: Wolf Weekend Edition

Idaho and Montana wolves have had a pretty tough week. First, the wolf-panicked Idaho legislature authorized the Governor to take "disaster emergency" actions.  Then, the wolves were a subject of one of the few "policy riders" to survive the government shutdown budget brinksmanship. And on Saturday, even though it may not matter anymore, Judge Malloy [...]

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What We’re Reading – Wolf Settlement Edition

In a move that may, or may not, resolve the federal lawsuit over the delisting of wolves from Endangered Species Act protections, 10 of the 14 conservation and wildlife organizations that filed the lawsuit have agreed to a tentative settlement. Also, the tentative agreement may, or may not, cause Congress to reconsider efforts to delist [...]

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Can They Do That? The Proposed Continuing Resolution in Congress and the Wolf Loophole

The messy wolf issue is now getting messier, thanks to Rep. Mike Simpson (R-ID) in the House and Sen. Jon Tester (D-MT) in the Senate. In the "continuing resolution" needed to avoid a shutdown of the U.S. government, the two Congressmen have inserted language that would essentially de-list wolves from being covered under the Endangered [...]

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What We’re Reading – Need A Vacation Edition

I'm heading out of town for some mid-winter sunshine (I hope) and the blogging will be light, if at all, this week. Meanwhile, ponder some of this stuff coming out of Washington DC. The House GOP has some truly devastating cuts for environmental protection planned. Idaho Congressman Mike Simpson chairs the subcommittee that will inflict [...]

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Tough Day for Idaho’s U.S. Senators

As the lame duck session of the U.S. Congress draws to a close, Idaho's Senators threw some wild punches today and come away with nothing but embarrassment. First, as the final debate of the START treaty got underway this afternoon, Senator Crapo brings up, of all things, the issue of wolves. From Washington Post reporter [...]

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Post-Election Butch Otter to Reconsider Wolves?

On Monday, according to Idaho Reporter, Gov. Butch Otter will be in Denver to talk wolves with Interior Secretary Ken Salazar and the Governors of Wyoming and Montana. A legal morass and election-year political grandstanding have made a mess of  wolf management in the northern Rockies, and it certainly needs some high-level discussion. It isn't [...]

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Butch Otter’s Wolf Mistake

Leave it to Butch Otter to actually follow through on what should have been an empty threat. Today, Butch Otter decided to end Idaho's role in wolf management. For the time being, at least. Unless it's a purely political move, the directive is completely baffling, no matter which side of the debate you're on. Even the [...]

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