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What We’re Reading: Wolf Weekend Edition

Idaho and Montana wolves have had a pretty tough week. First, the wolf-panicked Idaho legislature authorized the Governor to take "disaster emergency" actions.  Then, the wolves were a subject of one of the few "policy riders" to survive the government shutdown budget brinksmanship. And on Saturday, even though it may not matter anymore, Judge Malloy [...]

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What We’re Reading – Wolf Settlement Edition

In a move that may, or may not, resolve the federal lawsuit over the delisting of wolves from Endangered Species Act protections, 10 of the 14 conservation and wildlife organizations that filed the lawsuit have agreed to a tentative settlement. Also, the tentative agreement may, or may not, cause Congress to reconsider efforts to delist [...]

By |2011-12-22T10:48:56-08:00March 19th, 2011|Kootenai Environmental Alliance, Wildlife|1 Comment

What We’re Reading

Oscars edition: The buzz started to be more audible with the Academy Award nominated movie Gasland, but there's been a lot of outstanding new reporting about "fracking" -- the process of hydraulic fracturing to capture natural gas. The process comes with a whole new range of environmental issues without much regulatory oversight. See the extensive [...]

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What We’re Reading – Need A Vacation Edition

I'm heading out of town for some mid-winter sunshine (I hope) and the blogging will be light, if at all, this week. Meanwhile, ponder some of this stuff coming out of Washington DC. The House GOP has some truly devastating cuts for environmental protection planned. Idaho Congressman Mike Simpson chairs the subcommittee that will inflict [...]

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Top 10 for 2010

Because it is easy enough to do, and because everyone else seems to be doing it, we've tallied the clicks and the top ten posts here on the KEA blog in 2010 are listed below. With one amazing exception and one minor exception, the most popular postings are actually very reflective of the work KEA [...]

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What We’re Reading

Another weekend, another bunch of stuff to read: A "heatmap" shows where all the coal comes from -- via Plains Justice Trust for Public Lands publishes its report on City Parks -- via NRDC Switchboard Speaking of city parks, Coeur d'Alene has plenty to brag about -- CDA Press Some amazing Google Earth photos of [...]

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What We’re Reading

Post PARK(ing) Day, pre Partners for Idaho's Future meeting in Hailey: What's the deal with the CuMo mine in Boise National Forest? -- The New York Times has an article, and Idaho Conservation League publishes a piece in the Idaho Statesman. Rep. Walt Minnick has some tax troubles. Is the IRS giving proper valuations to [...]

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