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What We’re Reading — Spokane River Edition

Clean water wonks and TMDL nerds should spend some time reading the documents collected at Spokane River Forum relating to the Spokane River "dispute resolution" proceedings before Washington's Department of Ecology.  KEA's comments are posted there (and at our website), along with a lot other legal mumbo jumbo filed by a number of interested parties.    Some breaking news [...]

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Spokane River TMDL Issued Late Today

We understand that the Washington State Department of Ecology has issued a TMDL (Total Maximum Daily Load) for dissolved oxygen in the Spokane River late today.  (Late on a Friday afternoon before a holiday weekend?  What are we to take from that?) You may recall that the Gonzaga Environmental Law Clinic prepared comments for KEA on [...]

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New EPA Administrator for Our Region

We've been waiting quite some time for an announcement, and got the news today: EPA has announced the Obama Administration's appointment of Dennis J. McLerran to be Regional Administrator for the region that includes Idaho.  (Region 10 is comprised of Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, Washington and Pacific Northwest Indian Country. Its headquarters is in Seattle. ) Because Idaho has [...]

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KEA Submits Comments on Spokane River Cleanup Plan

At the end of October, Kootenai Environmental Alliance submitted some 21 pages of complex and technical comments to Washington’s Department of Ecology on the proposed plan to establish TMDLs (Total Maximum Daily Loads) for the polluted Spokane River. Under the Clean Water Act, TMDLs need to be established in order to allocate the [...]

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