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The Misguided CDA Press on the Misunderstood Impacts of the Spokane River Cleanup

“Take all the acronyms, the scientific formulas, the political agendas at cross purposes and the bitter cross-state line disputes. Flush it all down the toilet.” Or so the ever-helpful CDA Press editorialized this past Sunday.  The paper is evidently calling for some sort of misguided citizen uprising against yet-to-be-determined sewage rate increases caused by yet-to-be-permitted [...]

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Riverkeeper Intervenes in Spokane River TMDL Case

We got word over the weekend that the Spokane Riverkeeper is intervening in the pending TMDL lawsuit brought by Idaho polluter-plaintiffs Post Falls, Coeur d’Alene, and the Hayden Area Regional Sewer Board.  Recall that the Idaho dischargers filed a complaint in federal district court challenging the dissolved oxygen total maximum daily load (TMDL) issued for [...]

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Draft Report Confirms Idaho Water Monitoring Failures

As required by the Clean Water Act, the Department of Environmental Quality has just issued its draft "Integrated Report" on the state of water quality in the State of Idaho.  The utter failure of Idaho to do necessary water quality monitoring is probably the most glaring finding. According to the draft report, of  5747 distinct [...]

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Fairness in the Spokane River TMDL

Admittedly, it is difficult trying to explain to laypersons why the Spokane River TMDL is reasonably fair even though it seems a little tilted toward Washington's polluters. But then we read an outstanding overview of the issues on the Spokane River Forum's very informative website. With an issue-by-issue summary, in a point/counterpoint format, the Forum [...]

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Post Falls Pulls The Trigger

 At last night’s City Council meeting, and without any public debate whatsoever, the Post Falls City Council voted unanimously to file a lawsuit over the Spokane River cleanup plan. The long-awaited and controversial TMDL (total maximum daily load) setting a pollution budget for phosphorous was set by the Washington Department of Ecology some [...]

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What We’re Reading — Spokane River Reactions

As expected, the EPA approved the Washington Department of Ecology's formulation of a TMDL pollution budget for the Spokane River's phosphorous-caused dissolved oxygen problems. The reactions from polluters, politicians, and conservationists on both sides of the state line: EPA endorses the Ecology plan -- Spokesman Review Idaho Senators Crapo and Risch don't like it -- [...]

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Spokane River TMDL — It is not fair, not perfect, but not worth delaying

After 12 long years of talking about it, the Clean Water Act might start having an impact on Spokane River water quality soon. Well, within the next decade or two. The Washington Department of Ecology has finally moved forward on a basic legal requirement to budget pollution loads in the Spokane River.  All this time, [...]

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Spokane River TMDL Decision Coming Soon?

We've heard through the grapevine that the "dispute resolution" proceeding regarding the Spokane River TMDL will be resolved as soon as today, and that the Washington Department of Ecology will be affirming the TMDL that was released earlier this year.  Idaho municipal dischargers had protested the TMDL as being unfair and overly restrictive.  KEA supplied detailed [...]

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