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Meetings We Attend So You Don’t Have To: Last Night’s Meeting of the Bonner County Property Rights Council

A great deal of our conservation work in North Idaho depends on attending long boring meetings. We know that people have actual lives, and that going to long boring meetings is not something that most people enjoy. Unfortunately, though, that’s often where work gets done, deals get made, and progress can happen. That’s why we [...]

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Bonner County Property Rights Council Gets Defensive

With increasingly critical attention being paid to Bonner County's new "Property Rights Council," the Council is getting defensive. Although paying little attention to actually publishing timely meeting minutes and agendas, the Council has published a new link on its website dedicated to "Media Errors & Omissions." First, the Property Rights Council takes issue with a widely [...]

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New “Property Rights Council” Brings Messy Ideological Extremism to Bonner County Government

Unelected bureaucrats, creating rules and regulations, running an extreme agenda in a government agency on the taxpayer’s dime. We’re talking the Tea Party’s view of EPA, right?  Nope. We’re talking about the Tea Party itself in Bonner County. Bonner County’s “Property Rights Council” is meeting tonight (a lengthy pdf agenda here) in Sandpoint. It is [...]

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Unhealthy Obsession in Congress

As the economic crisis in Europe gets closer to the brink of disaster, as the housing and mortgage mess shows no sign of resolution, as political gridlock messes with the country's credit rating, this is what we get from leadership in Congress: http://twitter.com/#!/MikeSimpson4ID/status/105672986652184576 Which is, of course, nonsense. Indeed, the rhetoric about EPA regulation from [...]

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The Redistricting Challenge

Every decade, the national one-person-one-vote principle needs to be geographically rebalanced. This summer, Idaho will begin redrawing state legislative and Congressional districts to account for migration in and out and around the state.  As one of the fastest growing states, Idaho has more migration to manage. But as one of the more enlightened states when [...]

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Questions for Raul Labrador

Many of you got the franked mailing from Raul Labrador announcing tonight's first public town meeting in Coeur d'Alene since being elected to Congress last fall. The meeting comes just as the U.S. House of Representatives, under new GOP leadership, passed a contentious version of a continuing resolution to keep funding the government. We're looking [...]

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What We’re Reading – Need A Vacation Edition

I'm heading out of town for some mid-winter sunshine (I hope) and the blogging will be light, if at all, this week. Meanwhile, ponder some of this stuff coming out of Washington DC. The House GOP has some truly devastating cuts for environmental protection planned. Idaho Congressman Mike Simpson chairs the subcommittee that will inflict [...]

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What We’re Reading

Uniquely Idaho this holiday fourth: Want to be a mushroom millionaire? -- New York Times The Big Burn as history and family adventure -- Out There Monthly The Idaho GOP 2010 platform on the 17th Amendment - What would it's Idaho sponsor, William Borah, think? -- The Johnson Post A fascinating statistical study of the [...]

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Voting on Tuesday

As we've said before, we've made a pact with the IRS to be utterly and completely non-partisan and therefore we cannot take sides in campaigns for political office.  Still, we've been getting a lot of questions about the mechanics of the upcoming primary election, so we thought we'd pass along this information we received today [...]

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Don’t Forget: Primary Election Registration Deadline

 Although Koootenai Environmental Alliance has made a pact with the IRS to not endorse candidates or otherwise engage in political work, we can still get the word out about the citizenship basics of election processes. And our friends at Conservation Voters for Idaho reminded us today that the primary election in Idaho is only 26 days [...]

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