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Popular and Unpopular Lawsuits

The lawsuit we filed against the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers over the Rosenberry Drive trees has been almost universally well-received. Other than a few crazed online comments from the anonymously insane, we've received nothing but well-wishing for our effort. Even the Coeur d'Alene Press -- no fan of environmental litigation -- came out in [...]

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Sackett Lawyers are NOT Happy With KEA Blog

Well, it seems we've touched a nerve over at the Sacramento-based Pacific Legal Foundation. They are NOT pleased with our recent blog posting about the Priest Lake wetland case. Pacific Legal Foundation represents the Sacketts in their procedural fight with the EPA. Of course, the "PLF Liberty Blog" doesn't really take issue with our analysis. [...]

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Another Legal Battlefront for Megaloads

We received notice today that our colleagues at Idaho Rivers United have filed a lawsuit in federal court in Boise claiming that the U.S. Forest Service violated the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act by allowing Idaho’s Department of Transportation to issue permits for transporting megaloads up the Lochsa / Clearwater corridor. The lawsuit claims that [...]

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Mega-Load Shipments Start Tonight

We got word from our friends and colleagues in the Lochsa corridor that the first of the permitted mega-load shipments by Conoco-Phillips are indeed scheduled for tonight, running from the port of Lewiston to mile marker 38.8. Local folks are expected to be along the highway as observers, but organizers are urging that the shipments [...]

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Happy 40th Birthday to EPA

December 2nd will mark the 40th anniversary of President Nixon’s reorganization of environmental programs into a single agency at EPA.  Although there is perhaps more griping about EPA than any other government agency, we would suggest that it might also be one of the most successful. Rivers have stopped catching fire, for one thing. Seriously, [...]

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Breaking News: Osprey Association Files Cougar Bay Lawsuit Challenging IDL Rejections

Although things have been quiet recently on the Save Cougar Bay battlefront, new shots were fired yesterday by the Cougar Bay Osprey Protective Association, which filed a lawsuit challenging the Idaho Department of Lands’ rejection of their application to protect the pilings and booms in Cougar Bay. Having been rejected twice by the Department, without [...]

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Idaho’s Uncooperative Federalism

Again this week, candidates for public office in Idaho railed at the federal government over environmental regulation and federal programs, calling upon their familiar "state's rights" arguments, often invoking the Constitution's 10th Amendment.  In our region in particular, the Endangered Species Act, the Clean Water Act, and federal lands management are all challenged by much [...]

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Lessons From The Lochsa Decision

As has already been widely reported, an Idaho judge in Lewiston yesterday struck down permits issued by the Idaho Department of Transportation to allow huge trucks to ship oil refinery equipment up the Clearwater / Lochsa corridor.  The judge agreed with local plaintiffs that the shipments were a threat to public safety and that the [...]

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