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Uniquely Idaho this holiday fourth: Want to be a mushroom millionaire? -- New York Times The Big Burn as history and family adventure -- Out There Monthly The Idaho GOP 2010 platform on the 17th Amendment - What would it's Idaho sponsor, William Borah, think? -- The Johnson Post A fascinating statistical study of the [...]

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Spokane River TMDL — It is not fair, not perfect, but not worth delaying

After 12 long years of talking about it, the Clean Water Act might start having an impact on Spokane River water quality soon. Well, within the next decade or two. The Washington Department of Ecology has finally moved forward on a basic legal requirement to budget pollution loads in the Spokane River.  All this time, [...]

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Mandatory Training for Land Use Decision Makers?

My friends (all 1000 of them) back in Maryland posted this item recently, and wouldn't it be nice here in Idaho!  According to a relatively new Maryland law, all key land use decision makers are now required to take an on-line training course in planning and zoning.  We skimmed the course materials (here -- a large pdf) [...]

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A case of mistaken geography?

Some of you may recall that Kootenai Environmental Alliance was competing in a competition for grant funding from Tom's of Maine, the toothpaste maker and good corporate citizen. Well, despite all the clicking, KEA came up short. Tom's recently announced the grant winners on their website. Tom's is funding some excellent projects:  a backyard garden program [...]

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