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War on Wolves Worsens

Idaho’s obsessive war on wolves got insanely more heated today as Idaho’s Senate Resources Committee approved a bill that would open up new methods to kill the legislatively de-listed endangered species. According to Spokesman reporter Besty Russell, “The bill would let livestock owners whose animals are molested by wolves shoot the wolves from motorized vehicles, [...]

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Ten Things To Watch in 2012

If there's one thing we notice in the KEA office, it is that the days on the calendar keep flying at us. Every day is a new challenge.  In the brief respite afforded by a slightly less frantic holiday week, here is a compilation of things we'll be watching as the new year unfolds. 1. [...]

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Financing Secure Rural Schools With No Money

On Thursday, the U.S. House of Representatives will hold a hearing on at least one bill to address the expiration of the Secure Rural Schools Act (SRS), which supplies rural counties with federal cash to counterbalance declining forest products revenues. As it turns out, the federal government is out of money. The imminent end of [...]

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My Private Property Rights. And Yours.

Idaho’s tradition of fierce protection of private property rights is well known and well established. The State of Idaho has legislated layers and layers of protection for the wide majority of Idahoans who particularly value the rights that accompany the ownership of land. However, as the Supreme Court has repeatedly upheld – property rights are [...]

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Idaho Fish and Game Proposes Unsupportable Hunting and Trapping Seasons for Wolves

Often, our job seems like an exercise in futility. Today, KEA sent yet another set of comments regarding wolf management to Idaho’s Department of Fish and Game.  Shielded from lawsuits (maybe), the Department is free to push the state’s wolf management balance back toward extinction. On the table at the quarterly meeting of the Fish [...]

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Idaho Needs a Clean Water Revival

For whatever the reason -- budget priorities, neglect, antipathy to federal mandates -- Idaho's lack of proper attention to clean water is tilting toward disaster. The Clean Water Act is one of this country's most important environmental laws. Passed by Congress in 1972, it is responsible for some impressive success stories in the nation's environmental [...]

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KEA Expresses Concern With M3 / IFG / BLM Land Exchange Proposal

After some detailed study and discussion, KEA finally weighed in on the proposed land exchange between Arizona developer M3 Eagle, Idaho Forest Group (IFG), and the U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM), expressing serious concerns. The complicated exchange would provide M3 with key parcels related to a development proposal just north of Eagle, it would [...]

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What We’re Reading — Wolf Litigation Edition

The long-awaited Endangered Species Act decision on wolves from U.S. District Judge Molloy in Missoula was released yesterday. The reaction was immediate and occasionally over the top: Wolves go back on the list. -- Missoulan (Note: a copy of the actual opinion is linked from this article) Idaho Fish and Game is "very disappointed." -- [...]

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