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Bonner County Notes Sunshine Week By Hiding Public Records

Sunshine week is an annual awareness campaign organized by the American Association of News Editors and sponsored by dozens of impressive organizations interested in open and transparent government. The week is intended to draw attention to open records laws and open meetings laws that can be used in the public interest. Indeed, open government is [...]

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Harrison Annexation of Powderhorn Property Heading to Kootenai County Courtroom

The inevitable lawsuit has been filed in Kootenai County District Court regarding the absurd annexation of the Powderhorn peninsula by the tiny city of Harrison. Recall that in September, Harrison, a city of 300 or so residents, moved to annex land across the open waters of the Coeur d'Alene River for a massive gated-community golf [...]

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Draft Report Confirms Idaho Water Monitoring Failures

As required by the Clean Water Act, the Department of Environmental Quality has just issued its draft "Integrated Report" on the state of water quality in the State of Idaho.  The utter failure of Idaho to do necessary water quality monitoring is probably the most glaring finding. According to the draft report, of  5747 distinct [...]

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Resistance to Sudden City at Clagstone Meadows

Yet another monstrous and ill-advised development proposal is approaching approval, this time in nearby Bonner County. The proposal would place more than a thousand housing units on 12,000 acres just north of Kelso Lake and the Kootenai County line.  Called “Clagstone Meadows,” the sudden city is proposed for  Stimson Lumber timberland northwest of [...]

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IDL Position: Private Restoration of Cougar Bay is Illegal

Yesterday, the Cougar Bay Osprey Association received yet another rejection letter from its least favorite correspondent, the Idaho Department of Lands. This time the letter came through their attorney in the Idaho Attorney General’s office. The letter affirmed the Department’s outright rejection of the application to protect the pilings and booms in Cougar Bay for [...]

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RIP City of Harrison – Powderhorn Annexation Approved

We got word last night that the City of Harrison, a town of fewer than 300 people, will be annexing the Powderhorn peninsula for a development of more than 1000 homes. Seemingly hell-bent on their own destruction, the Harrison City Council voted 4 to 1 in favor of the annexation. The unprecedented annexation will connect [...]

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