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The Roots Pursuit – The Most Non Serious Event of the Season

Since 2011, The Roots Pursuit bicycle event has brought cycling madness, environmental awareness, and 12 lively challenges to downtown Coeur d’Alene. In the most non-serious bike event of the season, two or three person teams start from the Shared Harvest Community Garden and pedal to one of four “hubs”, where they have to complete physical, [...]

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Followup on Peter Grubb’s presentation on the Lochsa Megaloads

A great presentation today by Peter Grubb of ROW Adventures about the Lochsa megaloads. As promised, here is a quick follow-up. First, in response to a question as to "what standard" the hearing examiner would use to make his decision, the "general" standard is given in the IDAPA rule (pdf) (our emphasis added) : [...]

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CdA Council Candidates Address the Issues at KEA Forum

The candidates who showed for the KEA forum this afternoon acquitted themselves quite nicely, with mostly thoughtful answers to mostly difficult questions. Only challenger Dan Gookin failed to show, claiming in a letter to Kootenai Environmental Alliance the he had a prior engagement.  As moderator, I thought things went well, but perhaps too well.  On [...]

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Actions for Action on Global Warming

Maybe getting a head start on Saturday’s “International Day of Climate Action,” a group of pranksters pulled a fast one on the U.S. Chamber of Commerce today, holding a fake press conference to announce the fake news that the Chamber of Commerce was changing its stance on pending global warming legislation in Congress.  The Washington [...]

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Recycled Fashion Success

The first and hopefully annual Junk2Funk show was a smashin’ fashion success! Thanks to the artists, the models, the volunteers, sponsors, supporters, promoters, photographers, and KEA staff who put it all together.   Our friends at DOMA Coffee have some more pictures up on their excellent blog.

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