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Comp Plan Moving Toward Final Passage

At a deliberation this morning, postponed from several weeks ago, the Kootenai County Commissioners signaled that they are nearing completion of the long-awaited comprehensive plan. After some unpublicized “workshops” with officials from cities on the prairie, which had criticized the plan at the most recent hearing, the Commissioners agreed to several tweaks to the most [...]

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Breaking News: The Comp Plan Failure Nears Completion

 Our long county nightmare is (almost) over. Last night, the County Commissioners finished their yearlong line-by-line editing of a new Kootenai County Comprehensive Plan. The long, slow failure of a process came to an anti-climactic end at precisely 7:10 pm when Chairman Currie ordered that the edited document be re-printed for a final public hearing. [...]

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Commissioners Pull Back on “Emergency” Bailout Bill

The Kootenai County Commissioners decided this morning that they would pull back on their draft “emergency” legislation to extend time to developers to complete projects. Instead, the Commissioners referred the legislation back to the Planning Commission for their evaluation without the “emergency” status.  The poorly-drafted legislation  would have granted developers up to two years of [...]

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Commissioners Approve Access Road Through Contaminated Flood Zone

Disappointingly bringing an end to a long process, lame-duck Commissioners Rick Currie and Rich Piazza outvoted Commissioner Todd Tondee today to approve a site-disturbance permit for a roadway through a frequently flooded, contaminated property along the Coeur d’Alene River near Medimont. The proposal, from developer / realtor John Beutler, would provide new access to an [...]

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Really? Seriously? Now the Commissioners to offer bailouts to developers?

We were alerted Tuesday to a stunning new draft “Emergency Ordinance” scheduled to be introduced by the Kootenai County Commissioners which would allow developers to escape their obligations under existing land use approvals and financial guarantees for up to two years by simply sending a written request. The draft bill (pdf)  says that [...]

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Dealing with comp plan misinformation

One of the more frustrating things about the comp plan battle has been fending off the misinformation by the realtors, builders, and business interests. Parroting talking points we've been hearing all along, a commenter to our recent posting about the Commissioners' misguided decision to remove density designations from the current draft plan writes: This is [...]

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Breaking News: Commissioners’ Comp Plan Decision to Fail

 In their long slow failure of deliberating the draft Comprehensive Plan, the County Commissioners today voted 2-1 in favor of throwing out thousands of hours of hard work by hundreds of citizens in developing a new comp plan that actually meant something.  Over Commissioner Tondee’s strong objection, Commissioners Currie and Piazza voted to [...]

Comp Plan Nearing Finish Line?

As uncomfortable as we are using the word “finish” in the same sentence as “comp plan,” we think the Kootenai County Commissioners are approaching the big decisions they have been putting off for almost a year now.  At the conclusion of their most recent deliberations meeting last week, the Commissioners had only a page-and-a-half left [...]

Misdirected Pressure Building on Building and Planning

The CDA Press recently reported and editorialized about the recent development forum, which focussed attention on frustrations with County approval and enforcement processes in the Kootenai County Building and Planning Department.  As perhaps the ardent environmentalists referred to in this CDA Press editorial, we would only say that not all of the blame can be laid in the [...]

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Currie Explains “Community Development Forum” Invitations

We were simply happy with our invitation to the County Commissioner’s “Community Development Forum” scheduled for Monday.  But at a regularly scheduled deliberation meeting at the Board of County Commissioners this morning, Chairman Rick Currie took some time to explain “the purposes and intent” of the now-controversial meeting.  Reading from a prepared statement, Chairman Currie explained that [...]

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