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Junkyard’s Application to Bonner County PRC Withdrawn, Illegal End Run of Code Enforcement Avoided

We've been tracking the Bonner County Property Rights Council for some time. Lately, we were following the PRC application on behalf of Lawrence and Nels Heidekker, owners of a problematic junkyard near Priest River. The junkyard, currently subject to a code enforcement action by Bonner County, appeared to be attempting to avoid the enforcement action [...]

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Bonner County Notes Sunshine Week By Hiding Public Records

Sunshine week is an annual awareness campaign organized by the American Association of News Editors and sponsored by dozens of impressive organizations interested in open and transparent government. The week is intended to draw attention to open records laws and open meetings laws that can be used in the public interest. Indeed, open government is [...]

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Bonner County PRC Officially Opposes Everything – Including Clean Drinking Water

The bizarre Bonner County Property Rights Council (PRC) has issued its first draft “decision” in which they conclude that a simple common sense watershed protection ordinance is “unreasonable, unnecessary, and arbitrary.” How do they come to this conclusion? They simply presume ALL proposed ordinances are “unreasonable, unnecessary, and arbitrary.” Furthermore, as made clear from the [...]

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War on Wolves Worsens

Idaho’s obsessive war on wolves got insanely more heated today as Idaho’s Senate Resources Committee approved a bill that would open up new methods to kill the legislatively de-listed endangered species. According to Spokesman reporter Besty Russell, “The bill would let livestock owners whose animals are molested by wolves shoot the wolves from motorized vehicles, [...]

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Idaho Rural Water Association Explains Drinking Water Protection to Bonner County PRC

As the Bonner County Property Rights Council (PRC) continues its crusade against common sense, the Idaho Rural Water Association has weighed in with a thorough and devastating letter explaining to the PRC why clean drinking water is something actually worth protecting. The IRWA represents small water and wastewater systems in Idaho typically serving populations of [...]

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Property Rights Council Takes Aim at Drinking Water Protection

In its first substantive effort since being formed, the Bonner County Property Rights Council (PRC) is taking aim at a proposed watershed protection ordinance.  In documents obtained by KEA, it appears that the Council is taking a comically theoretical approach in their continuing attack on common sense. The watershed ordinance (a pdf of the original [...]

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Christmas Week in Bonner County Brings Challenges to Drinking Water Protection and Caribou Habitat

'Twas the week before Christmas and all through Bonner County, a lot of creatures were stirring… because, well, both the Bonner County Commissioners and the Property Rights Council were both still holding meetings. Indeed, this week, the Bonner County Commissioners have an attack on caribou habitat scheduled, and the Property Rights Council will be discussing [...]

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Bonner County PRC Gains Support. Well, Not Really.

In the portion of its website labeled "Media Reports Including Errors and Omissions," the Bonner County Property Rights Council cites a flattering statement from the "National Association of Rural Land Owners." "Bonner County, ID is serious about protecting Property Rights. Every County and City in America can learn from this new, innovative approach to protecting [...]

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