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Financing Secure Rural Schools With No Money

On Thursday, the U.S. House of Representatives will hold a hearing on at least one bill to address the expiration of the Secure Rural Schools Act (SRS), which supplies rural counties with federal cash to counterbalance declining forest products revenues. As it turns out, the federal government is out of money. The imminent end of [...]

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Unhealthy Obsession in Congress

As the economic crisis in Europe gets closer to the brink of disaster, as the housing and mortgage mess shows no sign of resolution, as political gridlock messes with the country's credit rating, this is what we get from leadership in Congress:!/MikeSimpson4ID/status/105672986652184576 Which is, of course, nonsense. Indeed, the rhetoric about EPA regulation from [...]

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What We’re Reading – Busy Summer Edition

Always busy at KEA, it seems even busier lately.  Some things going on that we care about: The megaloads controversy remains as muddled as ever. Idaho has given a go-ahead to trips up Highway 95 from Lewiston, through Moscow and Coeur d'Alene, and then along I-90 through Montana to Canada's tar sands.  Two were permitted, [...]

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Congress’s Dirty Water Act

We meant to get back to our brief mention of potential Congressional action to destroy the Clean Water Act. The cynically named “Clean Water Cooperative Federalism Act,” HB 2018, turns the long-standing successful structure of the Clean Water Act on its head, stripping EPA oversight over water quality programs in the states. The Clean Water [...]

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What We’re Reading: Wolf Weekend Edition

Idaho and Montana wolves have had a pretty tough week. First, the wolf-panicked Idaho legislature authorized the Governor to take "disaster emergency" actions.  Then, the wolves were a subject of one of the few "policy riders" to survive the government shutdown budget brinksmanship. And on Saturday, even though it may not matter anymore, Judge Malloy [...]

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What We’re Reading – Wolf Settlement Edition

In a move that may, or may not, resolve the federal lawsuit over the delisting of wolves from Endangered Species Act protections, 10 of the 14 conservation and wildlife organizations that filed the lawsuit have agreed to a tentative settlement. Also, the tentative agreement may, or may not, cause Congress to reconsider efforts to delist [...]

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Questions for Raul Labrador

Many of you got the franked mailing from Raul Labrador announcing tonight's first public town meeting in Coeur d'Alene since being elected to Congress last fall. The meeting comes just as the U.S. House of Representatives, under new GOP leadership, passed a contentious version of a continuing resolution to keep funding the government. We're looking [...]

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What We’re Reading – Need A Vacation Edition

I'm heading out of town for some mid-winter sunshine (I hope) and the blogging will be light, if at all, this week. Meanwhile, ponder some of this stuff coming out of Washington DC. The House GOP has some truly devastating cuts for environmental protection planned. Idaho Congressman Mike Simpson chairs the subcommittee that will inflict [...]

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Tough Day for Idaho’s U.S. Senators

As the lame duck session of the U.S. Congress draws to a close, Idaho's Senators threw some wild punches today and come away with nothing but embarrassment. First, as the final debate of the START treaty got underway this afternoon, Senator Crapo brings up, of all things, the issue of wolves. From Washington Post reporter [...]

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The BP Spill Bill and the Land and Water Conservation Fund

Intern and Congress-watcher Jordin Jacobs helps with this report: Full and dedicated funding for the federal Land and Water Conservation Fund is expected to be considered this week in the context of comprehensive oil spill legislation being considered by the US Congress. Since its inception in 1965, the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) has [...]

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