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The Roots Pursuit – The Most Non Serious Event of the Season

Since 2011, The Roots Pursuit bicycle event has brought cycling madness, environmental awareness, and 12 lively challenges to downtown Coeur d’Alene. In the most non-serious bike event of the season, two or three person teams start from the Shared Harvest Community Garden and pedal to one of four “hubs”, where they have to complete physical, [...]

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Ten Things To Watch in 2012

If there's one thing we notice in the KEA office, it is that the days on the calendar keep flying at us. Every day is a new challenge.  In the brief respite afforded by a slightly less frantic holiday week, here is a compilation of things we'll be watching as the new year unfolds. 1. [...]

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Send Korrine to Camp!

Korrine Kreilkamp, our Community Roots founder, organizer, and local-food all-around all-star has been invited to the prestigious Patagonia Tools for Grassroots Activists Conference this fall at Lake Tahoe, Nevada. The invitation-only conference is an extraordinary training opportunity for young grassroots organizers from across the country, and we’re incredibly proud that Korrine got an invitation. Patagonia [...]

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BREAKING: Salads Supplied by Roots CSA

Big milestones were reached this past week with our wonderful Roots CSA  in Dalton Gardens. First, after a late start to the growing season, the CSA team delivered a first round of produce to regular and low-income subscribers: bitter greens (bagged), Asian greens, kale, mustard greens (twine bundle), broccoli, bunching onions, lettuce, spinach, salad greens [...]

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BREAKING NEWS: Pumpkins To Be Planted

Roots CSA coordinator and all-around local food hero Korrine Kreilkamp provides this breaking news update: In May, the Roots Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), a program of the Kootenai Environmental Alliance, partnered with Dalton Elementary for a second season to provide a hands-on learning experience for the first grade students.  In the classroom, Roots CSA volunteers [...]

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New Greenhouse Jumpstarts Roots Growing Season

KEA's Adrienne Cronebaugh and Korrine Kreilkamp report: The Community Roots and Shared Harvest gals have eagerly been awaiting spring so they could dig in and get their hands dirty.  Although it's still a bit rainy and gray outside, the programs are already flourishing due to the renovation of a new greenhouse at the The Jewitt [...]

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