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California Legal Foundation Asks: Are Caribou Really Endangered?

The short answer is: yes, in Idaho, of course they are -- there were a grand total of four of them spotted this winter. But according to an industry and developer-funded California legal organization looking for loopholes, it isn't that simple. The Pacific Legal Foundation (PLF), a California-based law firm with a take-no-prisoners property rights ideology, [...]

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Junkyard’s Application to Bonner County PRC Withdrawn, Illegal End Run of Code Enforcement Avoided

We've been tracking the Bonner County Property Rights Council for some time. Lately, we were following the PRC application on behalf of Lawrence and Nels Heidekker, owners of a problematic junkyard near Priest River. The junkyard, currently subject to a code enforcement action by Bonner County, appeared to be attempting to avoid the enforcement action [...]

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KEA Files Lawsuit Over Bonner County Public Records

If all goes according to schedule today tomorrow, KEA is filing a lawsuit in a Bonner County court regarding Idaho Public Records Act violations by Bonner County officials. KEA had made a simple request for emails regarding the activities of the Bonner County Property Rights Council, which the County denied. Recall that in February, KEA [...]

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Bonner County Notes Sunshine Week By Hiding Public Records

Sunshine week is an annual awareness campaign organized by the American Association of News Editors and sponsored by dozens of impressive organizations interested in open and transparent government. The week is intended to draw attention to open records laws and open meetings laws that can be used in the public interest. Indeed, open government is [...]

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Property Rights Council Votes Against Drinking Water Protection

As Bonner County Property Rights Council member Tom Cleveland explained, the whole idea behind drinking water protection in Bonner County was "with the blessing of the EPA" which he called a "Gestapo agency" and "out of control." He followed with an ominous non-sequitur, warning that "people should start thinking about where their food is coming [...]

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Bonner County PRC Officially Opposes Everything – Including Clean Drinking Water

The bizarre Bonner County Property Rights Council (PRC) has issued its first draft “decision” in which they conclude that a simple common sense watershed protection ordinance is “unreasonable, unnecessary, and arbitrary.” How do they come to this conclusion? They simply presume ALL proposed ordinances are “unreasonable, unnecessary, and arbitrary.” Furthermore, as made clear from the [...]

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Monitoring Flight Finds Selkirk Caribou in Idaho

We had heard through the grapevine that reporter Becky Kramer had taken a trip with our colleagues at Selkirk Conservation Alliance in their aerial caribou monitoring flight earlier in February. The result is a comprehensive look at the caribou issue in this past Sunday's Spokesman-Review. An excellent explainer, her story also broke the significant news [...]

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Seriously? Bonner County PRC Is “A Major New Weapon in the Fight Against the U.N.”

The paranoid silliness of the Bonner County Property Rights Council has evidently gone national. A far-right website (in their Homeland Security section, of course) has picked up on the establishment of the Property Rights Council and is promoting it as a heroic development in a battle against the forces of the United Nations and their [...]

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Idaho Rural Water Association Explains Drinking Water Protection to Bonner County PRC

As the Bonner County Property Rights Council (PRC) continues its crusade against common sense, the Idaho Rural Water Association has weighed in with a thorough and devastating letter explaining to the PRC why clean drinking water is something actually worth protecting. The IRWA represents small water and wastewater systems in Idaho typically serving populations of [...]

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