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KEA advocates for regional natural resource stewardship and seeks to facilitate cooperative decision making on environmental issues through public education and promotion of grassroots activism in order conserve, protect and restore the environmental health of the Coeur d’Alene Basin.

Land and water resources are essential for farming, grazing, forestry, wildlife, urban development, transport infrastructure, and other environmental functions. The increasing demand for land, coupled with a limitation in its supplies, is a major cause for more conflicts over land use throughout the world. Three centuries ago, humans were intensely using just around 5 percent of the planet, with nearly half the world’s land effectively wild. Today, more than half of Earth’s land is occupied by agriculture leaving only 38% for forests; 11% as shrubs and grasslands, 1% as freshwater!

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Land Use News

Fernan Restoration: The next phase

Kootenai Environmental Alliance (KEA) will be continuing its efforts to reduce phosphorus entering Fernan Lake with a demonstration restoration project.  KEA will be working with East Side Highway District and Architects West to restore 300 feet of shoreline. It has...

Large development proposed in Hayden Lake

A large development called English Point Heights is being proposed with 155 homes just 1,000 feet from the shoreline of Hayden Lake.  The development will be at the corner of Lancaster and Hayden Lake Roads on a steep clay-base hill.  This is one of the largest rural...

Forest Collaboration is Consuming the Public ‘s Forests

Citizens are speaking out in support of our nation’s conservation laws that protect National Forests. Efforts to circumvent those laws by self-styled collaborative groups, who are holding a conference in Coeur d’Alene today, threaten to take the public’s voice out of...

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