“To conserve, protect and restore the environment, with a particular emphasis on the Idaho Panhandle and the Coeur d’Alene basin.”

Hayden LakeKootenai Environmental Alliance (KEA) is the oldest non-profit conservation organization in Idaho. Our conservation mission is unchanged since the organization’s founding in 1972. We are based in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho and work throughout North Idaho.

The organization was founded by former Idaho State Senators Art Manley and Mary Lou Reed, nationally renowned environmental attorney Scott Reed, and representatives from several local and regional sporting organizations.

We are a watchdog over the Idaho Panhandle National Forests and other federal lands. We monitor forest planning issues, timber sales, and overall management of our nearby federal lands. We advocate for wildlife and wilderness. We are an advocate for sensible land use planning and rural landscape protection. We are a staunch defender of the natural and scenic resources that make our region so special.

We are a protector of our region’s drinking water supplies, fighting against over-allocation and wasteful use of ground and surface waters.

We are an advocate for clean water, working to prevent pollution of our waterways and to restore waterways that are impaired.

We are an advocate for an informed and engaged citizenry on issues of conservation and community. We hold informational forums and public events, and we promote participation in public and governmental processes.

We work to enhance and sustain communities by promoting parks, recreation, and local food and protecting important community resources.