A large development called English Point Heights is being proposed with 155 homes just 1,000 feet from the shoreline of Hayden Lake.  The development will be at the corner of Lancaster and Hayden Lake Roads on a steep clay-base hill.  This is one of the largest rural developments proposed in the county in over 10 years.

Many citizens are concerned about this large development, which could double the size of Hayden Lake’s population.  There is concern that this large development will affect Hayden Lake’s Water Quality due to the fact that the property is on a very steep hill that slopes towards Hayden Lake.  Surface runoff, which could contain pesticides and fertilizers from these homes, could end up in the local watershed, which could degrade the Lake further.  Many people also draw their drinking water from this lake.

Currently there is no infrastructure to handle this large development.  This development will have to pay to bring water and sewer services to the site, which could open paths for other large developments to tie into their established infrastructure in the future.  Per the Kootenai County Comprehensive Plan, subdivisions in the “country” should be “designed to reduce the need to extend infrastructure (road, water and sewer) over long distances and should be self-contained and require only very limited public services.”

There is also great concern about the increase of traffic on Lancaster Road.  This would not only create more noise in the area, but it could lead to more accidents and wildlife collisions.  Since this development will nearly double the size of Hayden Lake there is concern that this development will also strain the local schools capacity, as well as public safety facilitates like fire and sheriff.  Additionally, there are no commercial facilities (grocery stores, gas stations) in this corridor to support the significant increase in population this development will bring to the area.

This kind of development will set a precedence for future developments in the area.  As stated by the hearing examiner, the impacts to the surrounding area “would not be minimal, but massive.”  This development is too high of density for the surrounding area.

What can you do to help?

Attend the public hearing about this project on Thursday July 12th at 6pm at the Kootenai County Administration Building, Room 1 @ 451 Government Way, CDA, ID.