PLEASE attend this hearing and let your voice be heard in opposition to the proposed “updates”.

January 23rd 6 PM

Kootenai County Admin Building

Currently, the county is undergoing an “update” of the 2010 Kootenai County Comprehensive Plan.

In essence, the Community Development Department & BOCC have dissolved a 211 page comprehensive, Comprehensive Plan into a 16-page document eliminating approximately 347 goal and policy statements and modifying or adding goals and policies with the main objective being to “extend” private property rights in the county.

The “updated” document has dozens of examples where substantive standards in the 2010 Comprehensive Plan have been replaced by squishy standards or no standards at all.

A Comprehensive Plan is a vital tool meant to “be the road map on which future land use and regulations will be based. It is meant to be used as the foundation for new zoning regulations, development standards, and other implementation and enforcement tools to promote not only its stated intent, but the spirit of the people, wildlife, and land entrusted to its care” (Kootenai County 2010 Comprehensive Plan).

The oversimplification, streamlining, elimination of goal and policy statements,  watering down, hyper-condensing proposed in the current updates not only does a disservice to the citizens of Kootenai County and to the spirit and intent of the 2010 Comprehensive Plan, but it will also ultimately lead to inconsistent land-use decisions by an ever-changing government.