The Kootenai County Planning Commission today released a revision of the proposed Comprehensive Plan Update and announced a public hearing has been set for September 26.

The Kootenai County Planning Commission published the proposed Comprehensive Plan Update on April 1 on the website. Community feedback meetings were held at five locations throughout the county. The public also provided feedback through an online comment form and written comments sent directly to Community Development.

The planning commission organized all the comments received by June 26 under the various sections of the proposed update, discussed them at workshops held in July and August and made adjustments to the proposed goals, objectives and policies. In all, over 40 changes were made based on public feedback. Comments received after June 26 will be considered during the Public Hearing Process.

The planning commission has published two documents as a result of this thorough review. Links to the documents are available on or copies can be obtained by contacting Community Development.

The first document is the revised Comprehensive Plan Update proposed goals, objectives, and policies. Read the revised update here:

The second document provides a summary citing those statements that were modified after a review of the public comments and others remained unchanged. View the summary here:

The planning commission continues to review all comments received and encourages the public to review the update and submit additional comments.  The planning commission will continue to review all comments received and those offered at the September 26 Public Hearing before finalizing the proposal.

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