Midterm elections are fast approaching.  Although there is excitement around deciding the next Governor of Idaho, an upcoming local election can have major environmental impacts in terms of the policy that affects the entire county.

Two County Commissioner seats are up for grabs in Kootenai County. The Commissioners create policy that define high-level goals and long-range outcomes for county government.  County Commissioners determine: what your property taxes cost; how your tax dollars are spent; where and whether or not residential and commercial developments come to our community; actions to be taken against those that violate county ordinance; and how Kootenai County land use codes will develop.

In 2017, Kootenai County experienced a growth of 6.72%. This is approximately 3 times the national average. A rapidly increasing population density can create severe problems, especially if planning efforts cannot cope with the influx of new inhabitants.  Our county commissioners have a big job ahead of them to create policy for the county that can accommodate this growth.  The policies they support are vital to how this community will grow (urban sprawl or protecting rural character) and how natural resources will be impacted.

Kootenai Environmental Alliance is hosting a Candidate Forum on Tuesday October 2nd from 6-8pm at The Art Spirit Gallery at 415 Sherman Ave.  Candidates for Kootenai County Commissioners will each have the opportunity to introduce themselves and their platform and answer questions generated by the audience.

Candidates Leslie Duncan(R) and Ruben Miranda(D) are running for District 3 seat to replace retiring Commissioner Bob Bingham(R).  Candidate Bill Brooks(R) is running uncontested for District 1 seat to replace Commissioner Marc Eberlein.

This event is free to attend and is open to the public.