Kootenai Environmental Alliance (KEA) will be continuing its efforts to reduce phosphorus entering Fernan Lake with a demonstration restoration project.  KEA will be working with East Side Highway District and Architects West to restore 300 feet of shoreline.

It has been determined that high phosphorous levels in Fernan Lake are a driving factor in the growth and abundance of blue green algae populations within the system. Blue green algae blooms in Fernan Lake effect water quality and posed a risk to humans, animals and local fisheries health.

The project will involve resloping the bank between the lake and the road to reduce portions of exceptionally steep and highly erodible slopes in those areas with little to no vegetation.  This will also remove the rills and channels for runoff and provide a better environment for plants to grow.  The shoreline will have erosion control installed at the toe of the slope near the edge of the lake.  The soil will then be amended with compost and volunteers will install native plants, followed by seeding of native grasses. An angler’s access point will also be installed with boulders to stabilize the slope and provide easier access to the lake.

KEA needs volunteers to help with this project! 

  • October 6th-We need 20-30 volunteers to move riprap and rocks, traffic control, install plants, install pine needle mulch, and plant grass seed from 10am-3pm.

Please help us help Fernan Lake!  This is a perfect opportunity to play in the dirt, be outside and help Fernan Lake.

Contact jill@kealliance.org for more information.