We have a very busy office.  We also have a unique patchwork of staff — in addition to myself and full-time Outreach and Development Director Cathleen O’Connor, we have six part-time staffers at the moment.  That’s right, a KEA world record of SIX part-time staff.

The fact that everyone works on different schedules and different hours on different projects makes it somewhat manageable in the tiny office. But today, purely by conicidence, and only for a few minutes, everyone was here in the office.  Here’s the amazing proof — all the non-Executive Director staff in the same room at the same moment:

KEA Staff on 5/11/2010 (via KEA BlackberryCam) From L to R: Cathleen O'Connor, Amber Crane, Korrine Kreilkamp, Julie Van Middlesworth (seated), interns Jordin Jacobs and Grace Bothfeld, and Forest Watch Coordinator Mike Mihelich