Fernan Lake Health Advisory

Fernan Lake is experiencing cyanobacteria bloom dominated by
Gloeotrichia sp. and Woronichinia sp. that has had consistent scum
formation at the east side boat ramp (opposite end of the lake from
Fernan Village).  These scums should be avoided. The rest of the lake hasvisible cyanobacterial colonies that the lab identified as dominated by
Dolichospermum sp., which has worsened in the last few days with the
hotter temperatures.  The public should take caution when recreating in
the lake where ingestion is a risk.

DEQ and Panhandle Health District issued a public health advisory
yesterday that instructs the public to avoid contact with water in areas
with cyanobacteria scums have formed and to take caution when
recreating where ingestion is a risk.  Pets are susceptible too.

DEQ will continue to monitor the lake throughout the duration of the

Kristin Larson, Water Quality Analyst
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