We are committed to making a difference in our COMMUNITY. Our unique local food share initiative, Community Roots, and Roots Community Supported Agriculture program encourages sustainable food practices, reduction of our carbon footprint and secures healthy meals for local low-income families. We also hold free bi-monthly educational forums where experts
can inform the public on local, regional and national environmental issues.

Kootenai County Comprehensive Plan Update 2020

PLEASE attend this hearing and let your voice be heard in opposition to the proposed “updates”. January 23rd 6 PM Kootenai County Admin Building Currently, the county is undergoing an "update" of the 2010 Kootenai County Comprehensive Plan. In essence, the Community Development Department & BOCC have dissolved a 211 page comprehensive, Comprehensive Plan into [...]

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*Action Alert* Kootenai Comprehensive Plan “Updates” Hearing

ACTION ALERT Comprehensive Plan Update and Public Hearing NOVEMBER 13, 2019, WEDNESDAY, 2:00 P.M. and 6:00 P.M. KOOTENAI COUNTY ADMINISTRATION BUILDING, Room 1 A/B 451 GOVERNMENT WAY, COEUR D’ALENE, IDAHO The Board of Commissioners (BOCC) heard from numerous residents who would like to attend the November 13 Comprehensive Plan Hearing but are unable to [...]

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Passing of a KEA Family Member

Dear Friends and Family of Kootenai Environmental Alliance, It is with heavy hearts that we share this message of the peaceful passing of Russell Hersrud, KEA's beloved Board president. Russ was truly a pillar of KEA, spearheading many projects, programs, and committees with his tireless commitment to bettering our world and making our community a better [...]

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Kootenai County Comprehensive Plan September 26th Public Hearing

The Kootenai County Planning Commission today released a revision of the proposed Comprehensive Plan Update and announced a public hearing has been set for September 26. The Kootenai County Planning Commission published the proposed Comprehensive Plan Update on April 1 on the website. Community feedback meetings were held at five locations throughout the county. [...]

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What Happens When We Kill All the Bees?

From the Center for Biological Diversity: Did you know that bees pollinate 1 out of every 3 bites of food that we eat? We clearly owe a lot to our pollinator friends, and now they urgently need our help. Trump's Environmental Protection Agency just approved an enormous expansion of the use of the bee-killing pesticide [...]

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Of The World’s New Oil and Gas Production 61% Will Come From the US

The sheer scale of this new production dwarfs that of every other country in the world and would spell disaster for the world’s ambitions to curb climate change – the effects of which we’re already witnessing through massive heatwaves, flooding, and extreme weather. Read more here:

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Humanity’s Ecological Footprint contracted between 2014-2016

The 2019 edition of the National Footprint and Biocapacity Accounts tracks the Ecological Footprint and biocapacity of all countries, using U.N. data, from 1961 to 2016. This is two years further than last year’s edition since U.N. data is becoming available more rapidly. One finding is that humanity’s carbon Footprint dropped 1.4 percent between 2014 [...]

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Need to Plant 1.2 Trillion Trees

An ambitious ecologist thinks he may have discovered the secret to neutralizing CO2 emissions on planet Earth. According to his findings, we need to start planting more trees — 1.2 trillion, to be exact. Considering how serious of a problem climate change is right now, it would be pretty awesome if something as straightforward as planting trees could [...]

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Things You Might Not Know About Recycling

Last Earth Day, I published a column in the Washington Post on common recycling myths. I received so many comments and emails in response, often asking additional questions, that I wanted to follow up with a new list here at National Geographic. The recycling industry is changing rapidly, as are advancements in materials science and product design. [...]

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