Team KEA to help Conserve, Protect and Restore the Idaho Panhandle and Coeur d’ Alene Basin!

What can you do to help our local environment?

Turn your favorite hobby, school project, sport, or social event into a fundraising campaign for our local environment.
Team KEA is a way that anyone and everyone can partake in helping our local environment.

What KEA will do to help with your event or campaign

  • KEA will give you guidance for planning your event/campaign
  • KEA can be used as a financial umbrella allowing your donors to have a tax write off
  • Tax letters will be sent to donors by KEA at year end
  • KEA will assist in media coverage
  • KEA will offer payment support

Start an Event

Organize an event in your community to help restore our environment

Team KEA group events allow families, service clubs, youth groups, and other community organizations to conserve, restore and protect our local environment. Plan a golf outing, bowl-a-thon, spaghetti dinner, block party, or BBQ—any get-together that excites you will surely be a hit with others. Or keep it simple. Hold a bake sale or carwash and send the proceeds to KEA and even pick the program you would personally like to support.

Start a campaign


Honor someone whose life passion had been to protect the environment. Friends and family can make donations and pay tribute in a memorial campaign.


Reach a physical and personal goal while helping bring awareness to local environmental issues. Pick any athletic challenge that tests your mettle and get moving.

Create your own

Think up a campaign that inspires you. Whether you’re celebrating a personal milestone, sharing a hobby, or performing community service, your enthusiasm will rally folks to give.

Team KEA Event Form

****The event proposal will be reviewed by KEA before the campaign will be accepted****