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Kootenai County Codewriting Begins

With a whirlwind week of committee meetings, focus groups, and “Citizen Congress” town hall gatherings, Kootenai County is finally getting on with the business of re-writing its out-dated land use laws. The initial meetings this week will set the stage for an 18-month process in which the laws that govern everything development-related in the county [...]

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County Announces Kick-Off Meetings for Long-Awaited Land Use Code Project

Earlier this morning, we received this notice from Kootenai County's Community Development Department.  And we would echo their call for marking your calendar and attending the event in your part of the county. “CITIZENS  CONGRESS  MEETINGS” KOOTENAI  COUNTY  PROJECT  KICK-OFF  FOR DEVELOPMENT OF  THE  NEW  “UNIFIED  LAND  USE  CODE” As part of the public participation [...]

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County Commissioners Struggle With Outdated Zoning Code, Illustrating Need for New One

The Kootenai County Commissioners got an up-close look at the current condition of the County zoning code last Thursday night. Faced with a long-running and messy decision over a "party barn" in a rural zone at the Washington state line, the Commissioners found themselves stuck in a procedural morass that was only made possible by [...]

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County Commissioners Moving Swiftly on Zoning and Development Code Overhaul

Understanding that the job is difficult, but also extremely important, the Kootenai County Commissioners are wasting no time getting on with the business of re-writing zoning and development regulations. On Friday and Saturday, we were pleased to be invited to participate in an interview process for the consultant team to be hired to rewrite the [...]

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