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Support the Unified Land Use Code

From the KEA Board of Directors: If you value the life you enjoy in the county, we urge you to support the adoption of the county’s Unified Land Use Code.  The code will implement the newly adopted comprehensive plan and replace current codes that are decades old. Right now the new code is being assaulted [...]

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Not All Republicans Agree with Central Committee Critics of ULUC

Although it seems to have fallen on deaf ears, here's a great letter from conservative east side Republican Chris Fillios to the Kootenai County Republican Central Committee regarding the Unified Land Use Code controversy. It's not just KEA with concerns about the "property rights" concerns: I understand tonight's Republican Central Committee meeting is for the [...]

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How the U.N.’s Agenda 21 Affects Kootenai County, Idaho

Spoiler alert: it doesn't. But thanks to the efforts of the Larry Spencer wing of the local Republican Party, a long-overdue overhaul of local land use codes is in jeopardy because of irrational fear of an obscure and utterly irrelevant international document. First, some background. For the 85% of Americans who will have no idea [...]

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The Unprincipled Opposition to Kootenai County’s ULUC

Wow. I leave town and two weeks later, crazy takes over. From relentlessly sunny Southern California, I noted the recent and growing uproar over Kootenai County's land use code re-write. And from here, where the sprawl goes on and on and on for miles, the growing opposition to Kootenai County's Unified Land Use Code (ULUC) [...]

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Kootenai County Shoreline Protection Still TBD

Yesterday, the CDA Press reported that the Kootenai County Commissioners were "scrapping a proposal to expand shoreline protection requirements" in the re-writing of the zoning and development codes.  And, in one sense, it is true that the Commissioners and the consultant and the Advisory Committee panel have gone back to the drawing board. But rather [...]

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New Neighborhood Conservation Zoning for Kootenai County

We caught this press release (pdf) over at Huckleberries Online, and it is an important development in Kootenai County's ULUC land use code project. One of the major difficulties in any zoning code overhaul is what to do with properties that already exist and would be allowed under an old code, but not allowed under [...]

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A New and Improved Approach to County Shoreline Protection

Suppose the new development codes for Kootenai County could provide more development potential, more flexibility for builders and homeowners, and much better protection of our lakes and streams. Who wouldn't want that? Indeed, as early drafts of the new codes are being released, this win-win-win scenario could soon be playing out along county shorelines. One [...]

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The Predictable Backlash from the Chronically Misinformed

Just as Kootenai County gets on with the long-overdue business of re-writing the dysfunctional land use codes, the chronic malcontents have indeed crawled out from under their rocks to wail about their property rights and to attempt to derail an important process. Unfortunately, their lack of concern for everyone else’s property rights illustrates how misguided [...]

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My Private Property Rights. And Yours.

Idaho’s tradition of fierce protection of private property rights is well known and well established. The State of Idaho has legislated layers and layers of protection for the wide majority of Idahoans who particularly value the rights that accompany the ownership of land. However, as the Supreme Court has repeatedly upheld – property rights are [...]

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