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Top Ten Reasons to Donate to KEA

A generous member has offered to match end-of-year contributions to KEA, dollar for dollar, up to $5000. For the next week, your donation goes twice as far. So here are the top ten reasons why you should click our nice new donate button. 1. Tubbs Hill and Cougar Bay.  KEA is the leading defender of [...]

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BLM and Nature Conservancy Working on Cougar Bay Trail

BLM is sponsoring a public meeting tonight on a proposed trail for Cougar Bay. The trail will be located in a portion of the public preserve known as the John C. Pointner Memorial Wildlife Sanctuary. The Nature Conservancy and BLM are co-managing Cougar Bay lands for hiking, recreation and wildlife habitat. There are a number of [...]

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SAVED Cougar Bay!

From KEA's conservation advocate Adrienne Cronebaugh: Last summer, Idaho Department of Lands granted Kootenai County an encroachment permit to install mooring buoys inside Cougar Bay and no-wake zone buoys at the mouth of the bay. The installation of those mooring buoys had been of great concern to the residents of Cougar Bay as well as [...]

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What’s Next for Cougar Bay

We’ve invited Nick Snyder, Director of Kootenai County Parks & Waterways to join us at our regular meeting at the Iron Horse Restaurant (Noon on Thursday, January 6th) to talk about the Spokane River / Cougar Bay piling removal project. Cougar Bay and Spokane River watchers will have noticed that the pilings along the Spokane [...]

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KEA in 2010

We sent a version of this post to our friends and members earlier this week, and we thought we'd share our thoughts on 2010 here as well. We've had a pretty good year at KEA. As this end-of-year letter is being written, the Kootenai County Commissioners are finally completing work on the long-awaited comprehensive plan. [...]

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Breaking News: Osprey Association Files Cougar Bay Lawsuit Challenging IDL Rejections

Although things have been quiet recently on the Save Cougar Bay battlefront, new shots were fired yesterday by the Cougar Bay Osprey Protective Association, which filed a lawsuit challenging the Idaho Department of Lands’ rejection of their application to protect the pilings and booms in Cougar Bay. Having been rejected twice by the Department, without [...]

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IDL Position: Private Restoration of Cougar Bay is Illegal

Yesterday, the Cougar Bay Osprey Association received yet another rejection letter from its least favorite correspondent, the Idaho Department of Lands. This time the letter came through their attorney in the Idaho Attorney General’s office. The letter affirmed the Department’s outright rejection of the application to protect the pilings and booms in Cougar Bay for [...]

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