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After listening to community concerns, Kootenai County Parks and Waterways has agreed not to install mooring buoys in Cougar Bay and instead will begin looking for a more appropriate mooring location that can better serve the needs of the motorized boater.

Parks and Waterways will still install the less controversial buoys to delineate the no-wake zone. Director, Nick Snyder explained that, “The buoys are needed to caution motorized boaters, and to better define the line so that it can be legally enforced.”

We are reasonably hopeful that the historic pilings will remain in Cougar Bay as long as they are not hazards. However, the maze-like boom sticks that used to connect the pilings have been removed. Under rules from Idaho Department of Lands the departure of Foss Maritime initiated a “change of use” for the booms, thus they are no longer legally allowed to remain.

At this point, we are working to finalize the preservation of the pilings, and helping to raise funds for Kootenai County Parks and Waterways install No-Wake Zone buoys to delineate the mouth of Cougar Bay. We are also hoping to raise money to fund any necessary removal of hazard pilings and future piling protection efforts.

We look forward to future collaboration with Kootenai County and Idaho Department of Lands in preserving Cougar Bay for wildlife habitat and quiet recreation. Thanks to all of you that attended hearings, meetings, wrote letters and emails—together we do make a difference!


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