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Our region has made a lot of mistakes in forest management over the years, and our forests continue to pay the price. Wildlife has been lost, habitat fragmented, and watersheds trashed.  Moreover, as federal forest funding dwindles to a trickle, restoring wildlife habitat watershed health becomes increasingly challenging.  The most important areas in our forests from a conservation perspective — old growth, roadless, watersheds, wilderness — once lost, can be lost forever.

Back in January, the Idaho Panhandle National Forest issued a long-awaited revision of the forest plan, which will guide the management of our local federal forest lands for many years to come.

We urge our friends and members to support a strong, sustainable, and protective forest plan for the Idaho Panhandle National Forest. Sign our petition below to show your support.

Additionally, we highly encourage all of our members to make comments about the plans. A layman’s guide to talking points about the plan may be reviewed here.



I support a forest plan for the Idaho Panhandle National Forest that is sustainable and protective of wilderness, watersheds, and wildlife. Specifically: (1) Wilderness and roadless areas need continued protection, (2) watersheds and critical wildlife habitat need to be restored, and (3) timber production and recreational uses need to be balanced and sustainable.

IPNF Forest Plan Petition


UPDATE 04/09/12:  The great folks at Friends of the Clearwater have some good suggestions if you want to write your own comments. We’ve posted them at the blog.