The Hayden Lake Project

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Hayden Lake is a beautiful and popular lake in our region, but it’s increasingly troubled. Kootenai Environmental Alliance has launched the multi-pronged Hayden lake Project as a concentrated effort to conserve the resource, restore water quality and protect the lake from current and future threats.

In 1998, Hayden Lake was deemed a water body with threatened water quality under Section 303(d) of the Clean Water Act, with phosphorous being identified as the significant pollutant of concern. Phosphorus pollution creates excess nutrient loading which affects cold water aquatic life by reducing the amount of dissolved oxygen available. Phosphorous sources include sediment and runoff generated by:

  • logging
  • new development in and around the watershed
  • shoreline septic systems
  • storm water
  • detergents containing phosphorous
  • ashes from campfires and forest fires
  • pet and livestock waste

Watch The Hayden Lake Project Documentary (click below):

Our Hayden Lake Project consists of outreach, education, and on-the-water and on-the-ground restoration projects:

Phase 1 – Expand public awareness about Hayden Lake and improve the public’s watershed IQ

Phase 2 – Permanently preserve sensitive watershed lands

Phase 3 – Deploy new technologies to remove phosphorus pollution from the water

Phase 4 – Reduce phosphorous pollution entering the lake from surrounding watershed lands

Here is a gallery of our brand new “floating wetland” in Hayden Lake:

Year 1 =Good News!

Download a summary of the Floating Wetland’s first year results, prepared for an Idaho INBRE conference.

Hayden Lake News

Green Living: Lawn Fertilization

September 9, 2014 2:37 pm : blog, Hayden Lake, Water
lawn fertilizer
  With cooler temperatures, more moisture, and plenty of sunshine the soil is still warm enough to germinate seeds, but the cool air invites grass to grow a strong root system. This is why Fall is the best time for seeding and feeding your lawn. It will look great in the spring, and will be better able to resist weeds and summer stresses. Lawns and more »

Floating wetlands in McLean’s Bay

October 2, 2013 1:43 pm : blog, Hayden Lake, Water
KEA volunteers launch floating treatment wetlands into McLean's Bay.
Kootenai Environmental Alliance volunteers launched two Floating Treatment Wetlands into McLean’s Bay on Hayden Lake at the close of September. With the support of McLean’s Bay homeowners, KEA is piloting this new technology to improve water quality conditions in the bay. The Hayden Lake Project, which launched in 2009 and operates under the direction of Kootenai Environmental Alliance (KEA), conducts water quality research in and more »

Pond Scum Helps Find Solutions For Hayden Lake

October 4, 2012 3:53 pm : blog, Hayden Lake, Water
settlingpond 8-15-12 (2)
Good news for everyone who values clean water! The Hayden Lake Project got a gold star on its first official report card. What The Hayden Lake Project Is: The project, which launched in 2009 and operates under the direction of Kootenai Environmental Alliance (KEA), conducts water quality research in and around Hayden Lake. It uses new technologies and science-backed methods that are well proven to more »

Toxic Blue Green Algae in Idaho Lakes this Summer

September 6, 2012 12:08 pm : blog, Community, Hayden Lake, KEA, Water, Wildlife
As summer is starting to fade into fall I am reminded and wishing for that amazing warm weather we saw this season. With that weather and current pollutants found in lakes, two documented blue green algae blooms exploded in Fernan and Hayden lakes causing health advisories and shutting down lake access. Why is Blue Green Algae showing up in our lakes? Blue Green Algae is more »

Ten Things To Watch in 2012

January 1, 2012 7:42 pm : Dike Road Trees, Forests, Hayden Lake, KEA
If there’s one thing we notice in the KEA office, it is that the days on the calendar keep flying at us. Every day is a new challenge.  In the brief respite afforded by a slightly less frantic holiday week, here is a compilation of things we’ll be watching as the new year unfolds. 1. Dike Road Trees — At some point in 2012, we’re more »

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