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The secret is out that Kootenai County is one of the best places to live and consequently we have seen the explosive growth that has occurred over the past twenty years. KEA is actively involved with land use planning in the county and is committed to being an advocate for local grassroots groups that are also concerned with the negative consequences of poorly planned development on the environment and their communities.

Kootenai County Adopts New Land Use Code

On June 6th, the Kootenai County Board of Commissioners adopted a "new" Land Use and Development Code. Previously, the County operated under a patchwork of separate ordinances pieced together over the past four decades. Ordinances were often disjointed and contradictory with conflicting definitions that left developers, citizens and County staff confused and frustrated. Over the [...]

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Restoration Begins for Fernan Lake

Fernan Lake, located just north of Coeur d’Alene Lake, acre for acre is Idaho's most popular place for recreational fishing. Unfortunately, water quality has deteriorated in recent years due to large amounts of phosphorus-laden sediments running into Fernan Lake from historical logging, shoreline erosion and agricultural activities in the watershed. An excess of phosphorus has [...]

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Report Confirms Huge Impacts From Proposed Coal Export Terminal in Southwest Washington

The Washington Department of Ecology released their draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) for the Millennium Bulk Terminal’s proposed coal export terminal along the Columbia River.  The report comes after the agency received over 165,000 public comments calling for a broad review of the proposed coal export terminal. “The review's findings confirm what the public has [...]

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Kootenai County Land Use and Development Code Update

The Kootenai County Planning Commission has approved the “new” Kootenai County Land Use and Development Code (LUDC) and it will now go before the Board of County Commissioners for a Public Hearing on April 28th. The update to Kootenai County’s decades old Land Use ordinances has been a long time coming. The Kootenai County Comprehensive [...]

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Action Alert: Save Clagstone Meadows for Public Access and Wildlife

We are on the brink of saving nearly 9,000 acres of wildlife habitat and opening it to public recreation. But we need you help to protect Clagstone Meadows and keep it from being developed! Clagstone Meadows encompasses 13,000 acres of granite hills, forests, meadows and delicate wetlands near Kelso and Clagstone Lakes just north of [...]

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IDEQ Urges Coeur d’Alene Basin Landowners to Test Soil

The Idaho Department of Environmental Quality (IDEQ) is urging stragglers in the Coeur d'Alene Basin to have their properties tested for soil contamination before the Basin Property Remediation Program is downsized. Over 7,000 properties, once contaminated with lead or arsenic, have been remediated as part of the Coeur d’Alene Basin cleanup project in Idaho’s Shoshone [...]

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Record-Breaking Number of Comments Pour in Against Proposed Tesoro-Savage oil terminal

Today marks the close of comments on the draft environmental impact statement for the proposed Tesoro-Savage oil terminal in Vancouver, WA. The Stand Up To Oil campaign will deliver a record-breaking 276,296 comments to Washington’s Energy Facility Site Evaluation Council (EFSEC) opposing the project. This outpouring of opposition follows turn out of almost 2,000 people [...]

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Wilderness and Economics

“A national park will not save the area. Rather, the restrictions and red tape that come with federal control would inhibit growth. Survival requires economic development, but a national park will limit our options.” Kathy Gagnon editorial opposing a national park in Maine published in Bangor Daily News May 11, 2014[i] Wildland preservation [...]

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Stand Up to Tesoro Savage and More Oil Trains

For years there has been a growing movement throughout the Pacific Northwest to oppose dirty, dangerous fossil fuel projects — from coal export to oil-by-rail terminals. Tesoro-Savage has proposed a huge new oil terminal in Vancouver, WA that would dramatically increase the number of oil trains passing through north Idaho and eastern Washington on its [...]

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John Muir’s Last Stand

JOHN MUIR, a man whose love for nature seemed almost to transcend Earthly limits, was not immortal. More than one hundred years ago, on Christmas eve 1914, Muir’s spirit set off into the pathless wild. The great naturalist’s obituary in the New York Times was effusive, listing professional accomplishments after recounting his emigration [...]

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