Any outdoorsmen, be it to fish, hunt or hike, rely on our forests to provide recreation. KEA monitors all Forest Service timber sales and takes action when environmental laws are violated to ensure that our forests remain a source of clean water and recreational opportunities for all. In 1990 KEA launched its Forest Watch program and since has been the protective watchdog of the Idaho Panhandle National Forests. We work to keep our forests sustainable, and to provide habitat sufficient to support viable fisheries and wildlife populations.

BLM Proposes Changes in Blue Creek Bay

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has proposed a plan for logging and new non-motorized trails on the 736-acre Blue Creek Bay Conservation Area. Blue Creek Bay, located off of Yellowstone Trail Road within the Wallace Forest Conservation Area (WFCA), currently hosts a picnic area and non-motorized boat launch. BLM acquired the public land known [...]

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The Last, Best Chance to Save the Big Wild: Northern Rockies Ecosystem Preservation Act

 Whatever you do, or dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.     — Goethe For the first time, the Northern Rockies Ecosystem Protection Act (NREPA) has been introduced into the Senate by Senator Sheldon Whitehouse and has seven co-sponsors including Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid. The bill, S. [...]

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Action Alert: Save Clagstone Meadows for Public Access and Wildlife

We are on the brink of saving nearly 9,000 acres of wildlife habitat and opening it to public recreation. But we need you help to protect Clagstone Meadows and keep it from being developed! Clagstone Meadows encompasses 13,000 acres of granite hills, forests, meadows and delicate wetlands near Kelso and Clagstone Lakes just north of [...]

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Wilderness and Economics

“A national park will not save the area. Rather, the restrictions and red tape that come with federal control would inhibit growth. Survival requires economic development, but a national park will limit our options.” Kathy Gagnon editorial opposing a national park in Maine published in Bangor Daily News May 11, 2014[i] Wildland preservation [...]

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Prepare to Adapt to a Warming Climate

The climate is changing here in the Inland Northwest and scientists say that the conditions we experienced in 2015 will be an “average year” by 2040. In November, more than 400 regional scientists and administrators came together at the 6th Annual Northwest Climate Science Conference in Coeur d’Alene to discuss what to expect [...]

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John Muir’s Last Stand

JOHN MUIR, a man whose love for nature seemed almost to transcend Earthly limits, was not immortal. More than one hundred years ago, on Christmas eve 1914, Muir’s spirit set off into the pathless wild. The great naturalist’s obituary in the New York Times was effusive, listing professional accomplishments after recounting his emigration [...]

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Public meeting for Upper Lochsa Land Exchange scheduled November 24

Just in time for Thanksgiving, Idaho Senator Jim Risch has announced that a public meeting regarding the contentious Upper Lochsa Land Exchange will take place on Tuesday November 24 from 6 – 8 pm at the elementary school gymnasium in Grangeville, ID. Western Pacific Timber wants to exchange 39,000-acres of heavily roaded and cut-over private [...]

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Our Forests Need Representation, not Misinformation

Did you know that you own almost 190 million acres of forest land across the United States? It’s true! This is the amount of land that has been placed in the public domain through our 155 National Forests. This is YOUR land and it is your right to say how it is managed. Those rights [...]

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Collaboration: Sounds Good, But is It?

Collaboration is a big “buzz word” in many public interest projects seeking endorsement and funding.  It projects a “Kumbaya,” All-for-One and One-for-All, “feel good” impression.  Some “collaboratives” produce decent results.  But is this the case when it comes to protecting the biodiversity of our national forests? By the early 1970s there were a number of [...]

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Weather, Not Man, Key to Fighting Forest Fires

By GEORGE WUERTHNER Our wildfire policy paradigm needs a dramatic overhaul.  Current wildfire policies are driven by outdated ideas about fire behavior as well as the ignoring the important ecological role of wildfire in maintaining healthy forest ecosystems. Wildfires are driven by climate/weather conditions. When the right conditions exist — which includes drought, low humidity, [...]

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