Cougar Bay Needs Protection From County Effort to Protect It

 Kootenai Environmental Alliance provided testimony last night at a hearing by the Idaho Department of Lands on whether to approve a proposal for up to 12 overnight mooring buoys in Cougar Bay and a string of buoys across the mouth of the Bay to demarcate a no wake zone. The proposal, sponsored by Kootenai County Parks and Waterways, purports to protect the sensitive Bay in more »

Spokane River TMDL Decision Coming Soon?

We’ve heard through the grapevine that the “dispute resolution” proceeding regarding the Spokane River TMDL will be resolved as soon as today, and that the Washington Department of Ecology will be affirming the TMDL that was released earlier this year.  Idaho municipal dischargers had protested the TMDL as being unfair and overly restrictive.  KEA supplied detailed comments to the dispute resolution process, and you can read more »

Comp Plan Nearing Finish Line?

As uncomfortable as we are using the word “finish” in the same sentence as “comp plan,” we think the Kootenai County Commissioners are approaching the big decisions they have been putting off for almost a year now.  At the conclusion of their most recent deliberations meeting last week, the Commissioners had only a page-and-a-half left to do in their line-by-line editing of the controversial land more »

Don’t Forget: Primary Election Registration Deadline

 Although Koootenai Environmental Alliance has made a pact with the IRS to not endorse candidates or otherwise engage in political work, we can still get the word out about the citizenship basics of election processes. And our friends at Conservation Voters for Idaho reminded us today that the primary election in Idaho is only 26 days away, and we’d thought we’d pass along their advice: Some more »

What We’re Reading

Some of the things interesting to us lately: The first administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency talks about environmental protection in these times — Wall Street Journal March 2010, another very warm month on the planet — NOAA  A new kind of non-non-profit corporation to benefit society — Chronicle of Philanthropy Greening your company is good, but giving green is maybe even better — Huffington Post The Giant more »

The ever popular Woodsy the Owl

Even as we refine our on-line presence (We’re on Twitter! And Facebook!) , we try not to get too caught up in click-counting here at KEA 2.0. Just as lawn signs are not a good predictor of election day outcomes, clicks are not necessarily a good indicator of commitment. Still, we were fascinated as to why our blog’s most popular post, by far, was the more »

What We’re Reading — Northern Rockies Wilderness Edition

Our friends at Friends of Scotchman Peaks Wilderness are ramping up their efforts to get commitments for wilderness designation for some of North Idaho’s best landscape.  The idea has been around for a long time, and we agree that it’s about time that we see some movement. Indeed, here in the KEA offices, we just came across an old fact sheet about Scotchman Peaks describing an early proposal.  more »

On Cleaning the Spokane River

In the post-Earth Day Sunday paper, the Spokesman Review published our take on the Spokane River cleanup. We agree that Idaho isn’t being treated fairly, but it isn’t like we have clean hands on our side of the border. Here’s hoping we can just get on with the difficult business of getting the nutrients out of the river.

What We’re Reading

Retiring Justice John Paul Stevens played a leading role in the development of modern environmental law — Legal Planet Food and climate change and Anna Lappe at Get Lit! in Spokane — Out There Monthly Off road vehicles vs. land protection — USA Today A diminished environment is the new normal — Yale Environment 360 Two more glaciers gone at Glacier National Park — Spokesman more »

Misdirected Pressure Building on Building and Planning

The CDA Press recently reported and editorialized about the recent development forum, which focussed attention on frustrations with County approval and enforcement processes in the Kootenai County Building and Planning Department.  As perhaps the ardent environmentalists referred to in this CDA Press editorial, we would only say that not all of the blame can be laid in the Department. A huge problem is the failure of the Commissioners more »