KEA in 2010

We sent a version of this post to our friends and members earlier this week, and we thought we’d share our thoughts on 2010 here as well. We’ve had a pretty good year at KEA. As this end-of-year letter is being written, the Kootenai County Commissioners are finally completing work on the long-awaited comprehensive plan. As you know, KEA has been involved at every step more »

Signed and Delivered, The Kootenai County Comprehensive Plan Is Now In Effect

It’s done! Although I’m semi snowed-in today, I got word from the Kootenai County Commissioners that the long-awaited Comprehensive Plan is complete. Signed into official status as of this morning. According to the press release sent by the County, the process that formally began more than four years ago, was completed with three Commissioner signatures on the document this morning.  The press release describes the more »

What Non-Profits Are Doing This Week

Does it seem that every single non-profit in the entire world has sent you an email in the last week or two? And something in the mail? And maybe a fresh newsletter?  There’s a reason for that. Not to give away the trade secrets or anything, but non-profits need money to survive, and people give generously at this time of year. In fact, according to more »

Tough Day for Idaho’s U.S. Senators

As the lame duck session of the U.S. Congress draws to a close, Idaho’s Senators threw some wild punches today and come away with nothing but embarrassment. First, as the final debate of the START treaty got underway this afternoon, Senator Crapo brings up, of all things, the issue of wolves. From Washington Post reporter Felicia Sonmez:!/fixfelicia/status/17315755146092544 Indeed, our Senator Crapo asked for unanimous more »

Comp Plan Moving Toward Final Passage

At a deliberation this morning, postponed from several weeks ago, the Kootenai County Commissioners signaled that they are nearing completion of the long-awaited comprehensive plan. After some unpublicized “workshops” with officials from cities on the prairie, which had criticized the plan at the most recent hearing, the Commissioners agreed to several tweaks to the most recent draft to accommodate some of their concerns. At this more »

USFS Withdraws Lakeview-Reeder Timber Project

We got word today that the U.S. Forest Service has withdrawn the massive Lakeview-Reeder project which would have authorized commercial harvesting of more than 2300 acres near Priest Lake. According to a letter signed by Idaho Panhandle National Forest Supervisor Renotta McNair, “The Forest Service will not proceed with the activities proposed by the Lakeview Reeder Hazardous Fuels Reduction Project unless and until we undertake more »

Neighbors to the Rescue of East Side Llamas

We recently heard from some of our friends and KEA members from the east side of Coeur d’Alene Lake about how a small herd of llamas at Arrow Ranch was struggling to survive the recent winter weather. We thought we’d pass along their story: When the snow began last Monday [before Thanksgiving], I noticed the herd of fifteen clustered around the manger in the pasture. more »

Roots CSA Wraps Successful Season

This post from Korrine Kreilkamp at our wonderful Roots CSA: Thanks to a grant from The Fund For Idaho, Coeur d’Alene Kiwanis, and numerous individual sponsors, this spring we were able to initiate the first Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farm in Kootenai County. The CSA consisted of 17 full priced shareholders and 12 discounted shareholders. We received  72 hours of on the farm volunteer labor more »

Followup on Peter Grubb’s presentation on the Lochsa Megaloads

A great presentation today by Peter Grubb of ROW Adventures about the Lochsa megaloads. As promised, here is a quick follow-up. First, in response to a question as to “what standard” the hearing examiner would use to make his decision, the “general” standard is given in the IDAPA rule (pdf) (our emphasis added) : 100.RESPONSIBILITY OF ISSUING AUTHORITY. 01. Primary Concerns. The primary concern more »

Happy 40th Birthday to EPA

December 2nd will mark the 40th anniversary of President Nixon’s reorganization of environmental programs into a single agency at EPA.  Although there is perhaps more griping about EPA than any other government agency, we would suggest that it might also be one of the most successful. Rivers have stopped catching fire, for one thing. Seriously, the list of accomplishments of EPA over the past 40 more »