Preview: Forest Plan Comments

KEA’s comments on the draft Idaho Panhandle National Forest Plan are due on Monday. The fairly lengthy comments are still being finalized, but the first paragraph will go something like this: As a general matter, we are glad that the Forest Service has finally developed a new draft forest plan, but we are disappointed. We believe that it is not sufficiently protective of watersheds, wildlife more »

New Neighborhood Conservation Zoning for Kootenai County

We caught this press release (pdf) over at Huckleberries Online, and it is an important development in Kootenai County’s ULUC land use code project. One of the major difficulties in any zoning code overhaul is what to do with properties that already exist and would be allowed under an old code, but not allowed under the new one. Kootenai County ‘s consultant is suggesting a more »

Kootenai County Preparing To Surplus Chilco Falls Park?

We got word from some dedicated ice climbers that Kootenai County Parks and Waterways is considering the sale or disposal of Chilco Falls Park, one of the best ice-climbing spots in the entire inland northwest. Difficult to find, difficult to access, and with no park amenities whatsoever, the property is being considered for surplus, with the proceeds of any sale rumored to go toward facilities in more »

What Are Property Rights?

We’ve been looking for a good primer on “property rights” to help people understand the debate when it comes to re-writing our land use codes in Kootenai County. And lo and behold, there’s a superb piece on the website dedicated to the project. We re-publish it here in hopes that more people read it and understand it and reject the silliness being promulgated by some more »

Breaking News: Court Rejects Corps of Engineers Arguments in Sacramento Levee Trees Case

Late today, we were forwarded a copy of issued by a U.S. District Court in California denying the Army Corps of Engineers motion to dismiss a case over levee vegetation in Sacramento. The Court rejected each of the Corps of Engineers arguments to dismiss the case outright. Indeed, the order constitutes a complete rejection of the very same arguments which we were expecting in our more »

KEA Awards Presented at Gala

Our 2nd annual Earth Day Gala was a 2nd annual success last Friday at the Hayden Lake Country Club.  Dinner was served, items were auctioned, money was raised, speeches were given, and fun was had. Special thanks to all three Kootenai County Commissioners who joined us for our 40th Anniversary celebration. At the Gala, KEA President Janet Torline presented awards to some great KEA members more »

Larry Spencer Invokes KEA in Effort to Create Land Use Controversy Where None Exists

First, it is important to be crystal clear – KEA has a deal with the IRS to stay out of partisan political elections. That way, your donations to our organization are tax deductible. We are scrupulously careful about this – for our financial well-being and the well-being of our donors. However, we are allowed to talk about issues important to our organization’s mission. And Larry more »

Rumor Patrol

I don’t know what you’ve heard. But it’s probably true. Indeed, after almost three years as executive director, I am leaving the day-to-day employment of Kootenai Environmental Alliance.  In June, along with the family breadwinner (the Peyton Manning of academic law librarians), I will be relocating to Orange, California where the grass is not necessarily greener, but it is certainly way more expensive. Actually, I more »

The Goose Story

The U of Idaho geese have been saved from further torment. At least for now. Some perspectives on the whole affair from the KEA Board of Directors who did the saving: At the end of March, the University of Idaho in Coeur d’Alene installed spikes driven through boards to deter nesting Canada geese.  It certainly worked, but it also injured geese that have nested there more »

Saving the U. of Idaho Geese

Saving the U. of Idaho Geese

At KEA, we are nothing if not all-purpose conservation problem-solvers. Of course, we’re busy with clean water, land use, and forest issues. But some days the phone rings and we’ll have a brand new issue to deal with — the dike road trees, for example. Last week, we were flooded with calls about geese. According to our callers, at least three geese were severely injured more »