2017 Debris Removal ended June 20th
The last date for dock and debris removal was June 20th. There is no excavation team there to remove the debris and if you bring items to Mokin’s Bay after June 20th, then you are littering. If this is the case, landowners in the area have the right to call the sheriff to report this. Also note that we conduct this when the water level is high enough for Mokin’s Slough to be accessible and right now, this is not the case. This project is only to clean up the lake of logs and decaying docks that accumulate in the lake from forces outside of our control. For example, a large storm or very high storm-water runoff detach docks from where they are anchored and the owner cannot find it to retrieve it so the dock floats around the lake each time the water level rises in the spring creating a a hazard and damaging other docks or property. Many landowners experience vagrant docks and logs showing up on their property every spring possibly causing damage to their property and causing a hazard in the water way. The vagrant docks may leave in the spring when the water level rises again and go on to occupy another persons property. This project’s goal is to reduce the amount of vagrant, derelict docks that pose as a boating hazard and damage property.
Items NOT allowed to be brought for removal:
  • Trees you cut down and want removed – you have to do that yourself
  • Docks you own or purchased and you don’t want to pay to be removed – this is your responsibility and a part of owning a dock
Items that ARE allowed for removal:
  • Trees, logs, and docks that have floated into your property that are derelict, decaying, causing a hazard, damaging your property/dock/boat
We will and can only remove these items during the time we specified. The excavation team will not be there all summer and items brought after the time we specified is considered littering and is dangerous at lower water levels. We may discontinue this project to clean Hayden Lake if people continue to abuse it.