Dr. Wayne Melquist, joined the Lake Coeur d’ Alene Waterkeeper volunteers Friday June 30 on the Waterkeeper Boat. They identified Osprey nests on the lake around the Cougar Bay area.  Dr. Melquist and Waterkeeper volunteers identified the nests with 2 aluminum signs at entry-ways to Cougar Bay and 5 corrugated signs on occupied osprey nest pilings.

A note From Dr. Melquist:  The time to place signs on nest structures (poles, pilings) is once the ospreys have chosen where they will nest.  Nests that need warning signs are those vulnerable to disturbance (e.g., nests on pilings in the water where boaters risk disturbing the birds, such as Cougar Bay; nests on high poles are less vulnerable). Some birds have already initiated incubation; others should be doing so soon.  We will begin installing signs here on the lower end of Lake CdA and the St. Joe River drainage shortly (in some cases geese are using osprey nests and the ospreys often initiate nesting once the goslings hatch and bail from the nest—which is happening now).  There is no need to install a sign on a nest structure that isn’t being used.

We do need someone to install signs on nests in Cougar Bay and the word should be put out to find other nests that could use a warning sign for potentially vulnerable nests

Please keep a look out for the Osprey signs and please notify us if you see other active nests so that we can install a sign at their location.  KEA Waterkeeper – Hotline 208 667- 9093