This issue will impact all rural communities should this developer obtain the changes in the zoning he is trying to do.  Please try to attend tomorrow night and if not speaking in favor of rural areas, offer your pressence to speakers who have prepared 15 minute presentations.


Kootenai County Board of Commissioner’s are

conducting a Public Hearing, July 13Thursday, 6 p.m., at

451 Government Way, (County Admin. Bldg. Room 1).


Developer Dennis Swartout’s attorney, Scott Poorman, wants to change the wording in the current County ordinances that address zone changes. Why? This is an attempt to create an easy passage to huge, high density developments in our rural habitat. Fortunately, the Planning Commission has developed its own version of the changes that will be considered as well. The County Commissioners previously rejected his application to rezone 34 acres of rural land to restricted residential land. This rezone, near Ravenwood RV Park in Athol, would have made possible a much denser development than is currently allowed.

Athol Resident Clint Cord states, “We believe, however, that taken as a whole, (the Poorman) changes would at worst tie the hands of the Board of County Commissioners, preventing them from making decisions against questionable rezoning, and at best make rezoning in Kootenai County too much easier.”

Another Athol resident, Madeline David comments in a letter to Members of the Kootenai County Planning Commission, “Many of the proposed changes requested by Mr. Poorman remove decision making power from the Board of County Commissioners and make land use decisions a matter of negotiated settlement. This was not the stabilizing intent of zoning.”

Why should we care and how does it effect Bayview/Athol residents? According to Deborah Rose,“More development means more people, fewer trees and more rooftops in their place. More people means more need for infrastructure, overcrowded schools, more requests for school bond and levy money, crowded roadways, medical facilities unable to meet the needs of our community, etc. Growth never pays for itself. We’ll have to cover the costs for these added services, and be inconvenienced by overcrowding. We want responsible, well planned growth, not unfettered growth that seeks to put money into the pockets of a few land speculators and developers. We need to defend our home and our rural lifestyle from all outside assaults that are presented as harmless, but are otherwise.”


If you’re unable to attend, call Community Development

(208.446.1070) to express opposition or send them an

email: Case #: ORA17-0001