Climate Action CdA Action Allert

//Climate Action CdA Action Allert

Climate Action CdA Action Allert

Please take some time to call and write our legislators this week to ask them to take sensible and effective action to address the threat of climate change.   Climate change is real, it is human caused, and it is already hurting us.  The relocation of towns due to disappearing coastlines and rising seas is already happening in places like Isle de Jean Charles, Louisiana and Shishmaref, Alask.  In Idaho, warming temperatures will greatly reduce trout habitat and make it more difficult to grow Idaho’s famous potatoes.  Withdrawing from the Paris Climate Agreement makes it harder for us to avert these tragedies.  However, we can still take sensible actions that protect our natural heritage, create good local jobs, reduce the scope of government, and make Idaho a global leader in protecting our planet for future generations.


Our friends at the Citizens Climate Lobby (CCL) are meeting with our Congressman and Senators next week to ask them to take meaningful actions to address climate change.  Some members of our delegation accept the science of climate change, but still lack the political will to act.  Please contact them and let them know how important this issue is to Idaho.  Your voice helps elevate the issue – and really makes a difference!


Some requests could include:

1) Support the Republican Climate Resolution (HR 195) which calls on the country to use American ingenuity and innovation to solve the climate change problem.

2) Support CCL’s carbon fee and dividend proposal to charge polluters a carbon fee and then distribute that fee back to the American people in a monthly dividend check.  This will put the power of American innovation to work solving the problem while also giving American families a much-needed economic boost.

3) Reclaim U.S. Leadership in the global “Green Economy” by returning to the Paris Climate Agreement and accepting responsibility to do our part to solve this global problem.


Please take action today!  Your voice counts most now, in the days leading up to these meetings.  Please call on Friday June 9th, or by Monday Jun 12th at the latest.  Thanks!  If you can, please visit our Facebook page to let us know you called (@ClimateActionCdA1).


Senator Mike Crapo – 202-224-6142 (

Senator James Risch – 202-224-752 (

Congressman Raul Labrador – 202-225-6611 (

Congressman Mike Simpson (yes, call him too!) – 202-225-8216 (


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