Camp Easton Forever, Inc. Appeal

//Camp Easton Forever, Inc. Appeal

Camp Easton Forever, Inc. Appeal

Camp Easton Forever, Inc. (CEF) filed an appeal last week with the Idaho Supreme Court in regards to their lawsuit, Camp Easton Forever, Inc. v. Inland Northwest Council Case CV2011-7873, with the goal of blocking Camp Easton from being sold by the Inland Northwest Boy Scout Council out of Spokane.

Earlier this summer, the District Court entered a Judgment of Dismissal regarding the lawsuit followed by a denial of CEF’s Motion for Reconsideration on August 9, 2012.

Camp Easton Forever’s Board of Directors released the following statement regarding the status of their lawsuit,

It is our belief that the donation of the Camp Easton Coeur d’Alene Lakeshore property by F. W. Fitze on May 18, 1929 to be “. . .used perpetually as a camp for boys” created in a charitable trust which would keep this property from sale to a private developer.  There are many cases in other states recognizing charitable trusts, but none so far before the Idaho Supreme Court.

We believe that the District Court erred in dismissing our lawsuit on this and a number of other legal grounds which the Idaho Supreme Court will reverse.  The Camp Easton Forever Board of Directors is committed to keep the camp from sale to preserve it perpetually for Boy Scouts in Idaho as was intended by the original donor.

Camp Easton Forever, Inc. was formed last year by local citizens committed to keeping the premier Boy Scout Camp, Camp Easton, from becoming just another profit margin for the regional council.  In gearing up for the legal battles to ensue Camp Easton Forever, Inc. is looking to the community for donations which will be utilized for their opposition to selling Camp Easton.

We received this plea from the group earlier last week:

Any Scout with a memory of time spent in Camp Easton, please help save this camp for yourself and for the generations in the future.  Many of you spend $15 easily on an evening at the movies and a pizza afterwards; how about sending one evening’s entertainment money to Camp Easton Forever to help save your camp!  Show that you sincerely do want to keep Camp Easton where it is today. All donations are tax-deductible. 

Donations can be sent to: Camp Easton Forever, Inc.

                                                     Box 3255

                                                     Coeur d’Aene, ID  83816

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